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  1. http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/sports/217942321.html Here's the article.
  2. Kings were mostly 2 & 3 year olds. None bigger than ~10 #.
  3. Started @ 6 a.m. SW out of Holland in 75 FOW; took our 1st 3 before reaching Saugy & 100 FOW. From there turned NW & hit 120+ FOW. Picked up 4 more . . . Blue/Green was the ticket for us; divers & riggers @ ~40' down + 1 nice SH on a 2 color with an Orange/Green Crush. 2 Steelhead, 5 Kings, plus 2 knock off's for the day. A very nice 1st trip of the year:)
  4. Nice meeting you @ the cleaning station. And, GJ on the King!! Alex - with Nate VK
  5. Great report. Will be out in the morning. Was there any specific direction that was best?
  6. Jason, Nice to meet you as well. We ended up 10 for 16 in basically the same water/area. I'm glad Dave agreed to take his boat, to save on gas. Our mix and presentation was also very similar to yours, except spoons were Mixed Veggie, Watermelon, Blue Whale, Blue Dolphin, etc. A very nice day on the lake. Sun/wind burned in October . . . Priceless!! Alex
  7. Was planning a trip out of Holland ~ 5 p.m. tonight. As of now, I have not found a crew. If interested, please PM me. Alex
  8. My point Kevin is don't sit behind the internet and throw stones. Some of us started with humbleness and Walmart rods. God has given the resources we have in our beautiful community to ALL. . . not just throws that have fancy gear and a lot of experience. BTW, I have several 209's in active service, but have retired the Walmart spinning rod & reels(~;
  9. Remember Kevin, you don't own the lake. We all started with those K-MArt/Walmart mono rods. LOL.
  10. Ken. . . need to back out of Saturday. Just realized I need to coach a soccer game and have a wedding in the afternoon!?!?! Sorry for the premature sign-up!!
  11. Hopefully this was on your boat, to prove you can catch fish. Any pictures?
  12. Mike - only a small section of an alread fouled up copper. I needed to replace anyway. . .
  13. Fish with a good friend (Jim), his brother-in-law (Tim), & nephew (Russel). We fished 85 - 95 FOW just south of Holland. Soon after we set-up on a south troll, we had our 1st double: Russel -14# King on the 250' Copper & Glow Superman Spoon. Jim - 10# King on 350" Copper & Green Glow Plug. After a long troll south, we turned around to take another long troll north. Just past the mark for the first double, we turned south and took our 2nd double: Jim - ~8# Brown on something, which I forgot with the following excitement. Me - lost the biggest fish I have ever had on a Lake MI line. DR ~65' down with Green Spinnie/Green Fly got hit and Russel grabbed the rod. He could not get the fish to slow down, so I took the rod, thinking we were "snagged" on a log or. . . After a 200" run, I got the beast to start coming to the boat. I do believe I am guilty of not letting it tire enough, though there seemed to be no more fight. When the thing got within 50' of the boat, it surfaced and it was BIG. Just as we were getting excited, SSNNAAPP!?!?!?! It was gone. It was floating on the surface with spinnie & fly, but our attempts to due a u-turn with a 8 rod spread, did not pay off)~; After the feeble attempt to find our beast, we turn south one more time, for our 3rd double: Tim -15# King on the 250' Copper & Glow Superman Spoon. Jim - 10# king. Overall, very nice trip, but still upset with the Captain (me) for losing what was well over 25#. Also, 1st ever Brown for my boat and saw 2 more @ the cleaning station. Alex
  14. Nice job, Tim. Looks like you got out before a few days blow!!
  15. I would go further south. See here: http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23743 Alex
  16. Dave is not telling the whole story, but that is OK. I've never had the experience I had with Dave & Dane on Sunday morning!! It feels good to out fish 3 Charter boats that are within a 100 yards(~; Life was good Sunday morning & I got a couple good naps in trying to fill our salmon limit. I'll take a 3 man Steel limit in the flurry we had, any day!!! Dave & Dane - Thanks for the experience & the nearly 24 hours of awake time!! Alex P.S. I'm just wondering about the Moped!?!?!?
  17. We finished the tourney in 2nd place. 0.25 points behind Dirty Dog. We did take Big Fish.
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