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5 for 9 tonight, 4 Kings (2 small released), 1 steelhead. Fished 9 rod spread from 130 out to 210 and back into 100 before all lines were pulled. Set first rigger with Mag. Miami Dolphin on bottom and Mini on a fixed slider 8' above and went to set the second rigger and there was already a fish on the Mini within 5 minutes of starting to set lines. No best depth to speak of, caught fish in 130, 150, 180, 200, 210. At least the bite is picking up it seems.

Baits that got hit:

SS Miami Dolphin Mini on slider rigger at 75

200' 45# Copper Mag. Pro King Mirage Spoon with Green/White Glow Tape

11" White Paddle with Oceana Fly Braid Dipsy 2 setting 180' back

Blue/Yellow Dolphin Mag. Rigger 110' deep

Happee meal 160' down in 150 FOW (14 lb. King)

250' 45# Copper MS Cyclonite Mag (10 lb. Steelhead)

250' 45# Copper NBK JP Slammer (2 hits)

300' 45# Copper Blue/Green Dolphin Mag.

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