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Carp Shooting!

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Now this is something i maybe should have talked about last fall, but i happen to be going through some of my old pics and figured i'd share them with everyone.

Last year i had my first opportunity to go carp shooting. I have to say, its an absolute blast! If you enjoy archery, or any type of shooting i would strongly recommend giving this a shot. We have a small honey hole north of Alpena that we frequent. We have a small boat set up with a generator to run lights mounted towards the water. It's kind of noisy, but still a blast. It's pretty cheap to get into. You can get yourself a generic bow reel for somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 bucks. Arrows are around 10 bucks a piece. Pretty much any bow will work. It's extremely low draw weight, making it easy for people of all ages to get into! I encourage you to give this a try!!!!




(As you can tell i wasnt the pro on this day...)

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I enjoy hook and line more....

A bit more of a challange.

O man, you'd be surprised how hard it is to hit these guys. It's quite a challenge. Plus they fight pretty well after you shoot em. It's a blast!

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I am still in highschool and go with buds on the weekends. Absolutely a blast and a real challenge when your shooting at gar as skinny as a redbud can. My dads friend built a sweet pontoon with 4 toons under it exclusively for bowfishing but has since sold it. Awesome pics!

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