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What size and color of dipsy divers for Lake Huron?

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I am new to big water fishing on L. Huron and need to get 3-4 walker deeper divers. Just wondering the colors and sizes that I should get. Plan to fish mostly Pt. Sanilac and Harbor Beach and an occasional trip to the west side. Thanks guys.

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Well I would like to say I will be fishing kings, but I will be fishing Lake Huron so kings will just be a bonus:). I am prob gonna get the walkers from a local Clio bait/outdoor shop.

I was thinking clear, but wasn't sure if another attractor would be a plus.

Thanks guys

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just a suggestion. have you checked out the lite bite slide divers. before you buy all new divers you might just want to check them out. i used dipsy,s for awhile, then 2 years ago i switched to the walker divers because they didnt have the rings. then last spring i was introduced to the light bite,s. so they caught another fisherman. so i switched again. they do have the rings, but they fit real good and dont give you any problem. but the point being that you can run them pretty much like any other diver or you can have as long of a leader as you want. then you can adjust the tension tight enough not to have a bunch of false releases in choppy water. then adjust the triger as light as you want. if your getting alot of small fish they will still trip the diver. i uesd them for walleye on the central basin last year. it was great to be able to just get the rod and start reeling. very few did we have to trip from the boat. i think the web site is slidediver.com i run 6 of these and for me on walleye there priceless. just something elce to think about. i think the walkers are better than dipsy,s. i think the lite bite slide divers are in a class all there own.


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