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Bow, Planer Mast, Bike Rack

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My wife and I finally are pulling the trigger on our first house, so now I'm broke. For Sale:

Thule three bike rack. Fits into 2" trailer reciever. $60

Big Jon planer board mast. 2 reels with 2 spare reels (one missing a handle), 2 riviera catamaran boards, 2 aluminum rod holders, and extra planer board line. $150

McPherson Olympus Bow. 27-55 lb. draw weight. 65% let off. Includes quiver, 4 aluminum arrows, 5 Muzzy 100 grain broadheads, various releases, nock pliers, nocks, 2 fiberglass arrows (one without broadhead), and line reel. Sorry, no bow case. Bow was used mostly for carp shooting. $100

Single Arrow Fletching Jig. Includes 5" orange and white plastic fletchings and fletching cement. $20

Four homemade 10lb. downrigger balls. Free to whomever would like to pick them up.

I would prefer pickup over shipping. I live in Portage/Kalamazoo. Will meet half way if needed. PM if interested. Thanks.

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Do you have a picture of the mast? And would you ship to Ohio?

Jess, I don't have a picture of the mast yet (it's at my parent's house with the boat) I can probably get a picture to you Tuesday. I'll ship to Ohio for ya. >>Pete.

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