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  1. I had to open head side plate cover ,to remove remains of impeller it was blocked with tiny pieces of rubber. Follow pick up tube to bottom of motor to the head, there will be a square plate on left side , remove cover and look for blockagages if it looks good may have to remove head waterplate cover also and check there ,best to use air to blow out all passages and then follow to tube that spits out water for any remains of old impeller. I started mine with all covers off to find where mine was blocked took a while as mine was plugged all along the whole system but when I finnaly got it all out it spits water better than ever. good luck.
  2. Im wanting a used swivel mount bipod,prefer at least 20 inches high and swivels but open to others if price is right. Tom 1 231 425 3132
  3. Ill tell her thanks Mike,Hunters luckey to have a Dad so involved, best of luck to both of you!
  4. congradulations, to hunter !!! Did you get a logo on the trailer? MY wife wants to see a pic of the trailer with your logo on it, and is so glad its getting used.
  5. Hoe you enjoy the new trailer and it was great to meet someone from this site.
  6. Mike I have a 2007 Mirage trailer that is for sale . Its 20ft long and 8 1/2 wide has rear ramp door and front door on passenger side. It was used to move by original owners and we also moved with it, It has 3000 or less miles since new, tires still have knobs on them. Its in as new condition inside and out with no damage anywhere not even a scratch on outside. We bought it for wife to use her Embroidery machine and go mobile but it never happened.My wife bought it in Oaklahoma its completly rust free, has torsion suspension 2 axles and we have sway bars for it we never used. Were located in ludington, the trailer is at her parents 1/16 mile from 31 at the Pier Marquet exit.. We can E-mail pics tomorrow
  7. WE picked up 2 old sleds Ive got running just replacing exerything that could fail to avoid breakdowns. Kepping me busy ready for ice fishing with them no more walking.
  8. A lil to early for there yet will get going about the end of the month! I always had my best results using red or pink yarn tied around a small hook just north of Gerald r. ford musuem on the west side of bridge,. but use cation its really only safe by boat, big rocks and drops to 18 ft in an small channel and always full of fish, good luck and be safe
  9. i have my favorite spots but you have to be care full listening to radio and fish reports as there is alot of folks out there that intentionally will lead people away from fish just to cut down on traffic! I live in Ludington and learned not to listen to radio as the "holy bible ' as I learned more I found my hot spots and work them then wander out till I find fish.you have to be very carefull of info from Charters as well as they do this for income and want you away from fishing grounds!!! I hope I dont offend anyone by saying that but I personally love this site and want others to learn!
  10. I dont know much about the newer motors but if you have to slightly choke it its not getting enoughf fuel.I had a motor that surged and then would die out but start right back up afer days I found it had a blown head gasket and was letting water into cylinder when it warmed up pretty easy to pull head.I would have marina put it into water and let them see engine under a load what it does, and if they cant fix it Id get money back and go elsewhere.Good luck!
  11. I started with 50 feet then after tangel and a break 0ff i was down to 25 feet and i got alot more bites, I thought I was just in the right spot at the right but I contuinued having better luck so I switched my other leadcore rod lead down to 25feet and it started really producing. I use alot of large spoons and im thinking the shorter lead keeps it from rising and in the depth I want, but I cant prove that.Could just be it helps the action. But Id reccomend 25 to 30 feet to start with.
  12. Nows the time to buy off season you get better deals! I bought all summer gear during winter so im all stocked up and now geting extras for winter fishing .And a few spoons here n there but I have gotten better deals this way just not as much inventory in stores but alot of clearance items can be found .
  13. I looked at some jiffey models this weekend, liked the cost but are they any good.... Im not interested in an electric at all .. but thanks for all suggestions. I just got an 89 yahama exciter with a 570 motor to use only for ice fishing in very good condition with only 2355 miles on it. Now wife wants to go as we wont be walkin 1 1/2 miles to our favorite spot. I have all the gear but gets old drilling holes by hand in 8 in to 1 foot of ice so she gave in and said get a gas auger, as I let here cut 2 holes last year and she didnt want to go agian! lol
  14. Are you runing a ground wire to it from the battery? That would be my first gues or power lead is not getting enough power, id try running wires directly from battery with a fuse,that way if there is any electrical failures you will still have a working radio for help. good luck!
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