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new to walleye

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Looking to get started on walleye fishin with a small boat oninland water. Never done it before. I am experienced wading rivers for trout and salmon but never fished for eyes!

I know you walleye guys aren't keen ongiving away secrets but I will ask anyways :-D...I need tips on maybe a few techniques to get me started and how about a list of essential gear and maybe some rigging tips? Anything helps!

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Inland lakes can be hard, but usually once you put together a pattern your set. Where are you located? Planner boards are a must, popular brands are Offshore Tackle, or Church Tackle. Both work well. Some basic riggings are running ReefRunners off of the boards. I like bare naked, and pink lemonade colors best. You could also run hot n tots off boards in purples, firetiger and yellows. The Precision Trolling Guide is a good investment so you have the dive curves for the popular brands right on hand. If cranks aren't working try some crawler harnesses. Run them SLOW, I have had best success with # 4 and 5 Colorados at about 1mph. Good colors are glow, purple, and red. I think it is easier to run the harnesses with clip weights, better than bottom bouncers IMO. Hope this helps, you really got to experiment. Walleyes also love mini spoons like the Scorpion Stingers and the Jr Silver Streaks.

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Joe, A warm welcome to the GLF site.


I like to fish the eyes on the Saginaw Bay. Line counter reels, in-line planer boards, sonar, and a GPS. To shorten your learning curve the best advice I can give you is to fish with someone else and learn what works for them and go from there.

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New to Walleys also. Gave up deer hunting in 2010 when I hit a deer at about 70ish mph on US 10 by Coleman on July 1 on a full dresser Harley. Bought a 21' Crestliner with all the bells and whistles. Now I feel like a guy chasing a bear with a stick. Now that I've caught it (Crestliner), what do i do with it. Looking forward to input on this site. Also reconnected with an old friend, Prioty1 who directed me to this site. So far, I like.

Thanks Yawl

PS Was not in any condition to thank the people who stopped to help me after I hit the deer. Long shot. But if you're out there, touch base.

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Welcome to GLF Matt. I can't imagine what it would be like to hit a deer like that, glad your ok.

Done bike riding. Don't remeber anything except last 1 second before I stopped flopping and sliding on the concrete. I can't imagine or remember what happened from impact to stop.

I think God protected me so I could take up fishing with me 8 grandkids.

Thanks again,


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I don't now where your located or what type of boat ya got but try jigging at the Detroit river. It is an early spring thriller. You need a 6'6 med with fast action pole and about a million jigs. Just kidding on the jigs but you will loose alot until you get the feel. The trick is too have a good trolling motor and keep your finger on the line. Depending on the wind I will use a 1/2 to 3/4 oz jig colors will vary and do make a difference. Tipped with a minnow or crawler at the beginning of the season and I usually go to plastic as the season goes.

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