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  1. I live in GR and thinking about doing a Saginaw River trip before season closes. Have not had a chance to go to that side of the state and was wondering how is the ice and the lack of. Thinking about fishing on the 12th. Any help would be appreciated
  2. I love to walleye fish the spring run in Detroit. I have seen hundreds of boats in the river and have seen many 10-12lb females put into the live well. I don't know what causes the different ups and downs of the invasive and native fish population but it does seem that a closing of the season for a few weeks during prime spawning would only help our fishery. The females have spawned out by mid april and the river is full of good eating size walleye. I can't say if slot limits would work but allowing the fish to spawn out should put more fish in the water I would think. It could probably help with alot of our animal population to allow nature to do it's think instead of us. Just a thought.
  3. Mike, when do I need to renew. I don't remember.
  4. I don't now where your located or what type of boat ya got but try jigging at the Detroit river. It is an early spring thriller. You need a 6'6 med with fast action pole and about a million jigs. Just kidding on the jigs but you will loose alot until you get the feel. The trick is too have a good trolling motor and keep your finger on the line. Depending on the wind I will use a 1/2 to 3/4 oz jig colors will vary and do make a difference. Tipped with a minnow or crawler at the beginning of the season and I usually go to plastic as the season goes.
  5. OK I'll be the bad guy. I bow hunt for the 6 weeks before the gun opener. I pass on a lot of deer waiting for antlers. After the first day of gun, the deer are nocturnal. I wait until the last week in November and I switch gears. If I didn't take a buck during bow season and nothing during the first week of gun I hunt for the meat. I have been in drives and have taken a doe during such drive. As with everything else a properly organized drive can be safe and fun. As for fishing, I have set my pole aside in Detroit waiting for my fishing partners to get their limit and usually I pick it back up if they are not catching fish. Technically this is probably not legal but there is only so many hours in a day and I try to get my limit before going home. I kind of believe that we hunt as fish for the fun we have doing it and the food that we recieve is the reward for the the time we have spent practicing our sport. As with everything else we all must make decisions that may or may not work for someone else. I think all of us are good sportsmen, we just have different ideas.
  6. Anyone been out for the night fish? Just wondering what the water temp was. I'm going out this weekend was hoping to find some bigger fish.
  7. What a great end to my Salmon season. Left the dock at 4:30 PM. It was raining and I didn't care. I went to 120 ft and set lines. Maybe 2 boats out.Went 1 for 2 and then the rain came. Got out to about 140 and the rain quit and we went 5 for 7 after that. Anything green. Mostly young kings and coho. Now it's time for walleye.
  8. I have always used respect as a guide on the water. I just took a quick look at the web site to refresh my memory and now I know. It says that you must give way to a commercial fishing vessel. By the way, I charge everyone on my 16ft boat a fee so all you commercial fishing guys please give me the same respect that I give you.
  9. Thanks Guys!!!. Went out to Muskegon, Went 2 for 3. The wife could not get the net extended out so she pulled in the first one. That got her going so I got to stay a little longer. It was great.
  10. Looking to get out this afternoon. Not sure what time to go. I know fishing into the nite is good but my time is limited. Has anyone fished mid afternoon and done very well?
  11. I need to sell my boat. I owe 12000 on it. It is a 16ft Sylvan walk thru. I can get you pictures if you are interested. I have alot of x-tra things that i will let go with it. It has a 90hp Mercury and not alot of hours. Please let me know and I can get with you if you are interested. Thanks
  12. I have a 2006 Merc 4 stroke for sale. It is a long shaft 6hp with few hours. Send me a pm if interested. Lowell area
  13. had a coon up in the attic one year. it had already had its babies and i was hearing them every night. I found where she was getiing in and closed it off. heard a noise in the middle of the night and went out side to find the coon tearing off my soffet to the house. so i got the bright idea to shoot her and as soon as i fired she ran back into the attic. well now i thought ok i have a wounded coon in my attic. a few minutes later i heard another noise and went out to find her dropping the babies out of the attic. i thought great now i will get her and the babies out all at once. so as sooon as i thought she had dropped all of the babies i took another shot. WHAT A MESS. she splattered blood all over my house windows and everything else that was there. of course the wife was explaining to me all the areas that i had failed to accomplish in the removal but needless to say i'm glad your using a live trap. i will do the same the next time. good luck on findin a good use for your coon. Have you ever tried to use then for bait.
  14. Frank i'm sure by now you have tried everything. I finally had to pay for a private assessor and and take their finding to the state tribunal. Hope this helps and sometimes ranting is good.
  15. Frank i had to mess with those tax guys a few years back know i know how you feel. Hope you can get what is right. They only have one thing on their mind $$$. If all else fails take them smoked fish and go enjoy yourself.
  16. Help me out. I have a drift sock? I bought 2 years ago. I don't use them for the big lake but i use them for windy conditions. What is the difference in the sock and the bag?
  17. i shop for sales. or i just lie about it. I tell her i got it from a friend that gave me a good deal. trouble is your friend has to remember the story. all in all she knows i can't quit and she's good with that.
  18. i don't have one with the rigging on it but i will get one hope the picture comes out
  19. I know it's not as much fun as getting on the water but just installed new battery system, fired up the electronics, turned over the motor. Can't wait!!!
  20. Dave look up sparta sheet metal. They are in walker.They will cut and drill out to your specs or sell you raw pieces.
  21. Thanks everybody. I bought my batteries. Stayed with the lead acid. If the gas prices keep going up that may be the only power i can troll with.
  22. That was stupid I didn't even look at the date. Hope they have something this year. I have been in the past and always learn something
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