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Boat Conversion

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Before I haul my I/O off to be turned into a budweiser can. How much effort and expense is there into pulling the motor and outdrive. Putting a plate in the back of the boat and converting everything over to an outboard motor. I know that it can be done but by the time I get it done it might be less costly to buy another boat. My 120 merccruiser motor burned up last August so now in the off season I am weighing my options. The boat is a 19 foot starcraft but it is pretty old. All that I need for an outboard would be a 50 or 60 hsp. considering I am never more than mabey two miles out.

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I have found some super good deals on craigslist but I think that I will hold off until April or May. When I buy the boat I will probably have to spend a couple of weekends getting it all rigged up. I am still stripping the old boat.

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