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  1. Fast enough to keep the lake trout off. Seriously, 2.5-2.8 for salmon and 3.0 and up for steelhead.
  2. That makes it even sweeter. Very nice ride. One more question, is it a 4 speed car?
  3. That is a sweet Camaro. Does it still have the 302?
  4. We use the Forshner for the initial cleaning then a fillet to detail. No bones, mud vein, or anything that isn't orange. I think I'll get some out of the freezer for a Super Bowl dip.
  5. We've been using 4/0 Siwash with good success. Most offer an open eye so they are easy to swap.
  6. Talked to a fisherman today saying he was getting fresh kings in the Muskegon. Can anyone else confirm?
  7. A couple ice cubes and some Famous Grouse. A little bit of heaven.
  8. Your couch takes more of a beating than a TV. Marine electronics have to be built very tough to withstand the environment they are used in. That reliability that we expect, costs a little more.
  9. Check out First Marine. They have a good number of weld on replacement skegs. Most good fab/weld shops will handle this task.
  10. The Grand Trunk or Harbor Towne launch would be a better bet right now.
  11. :grin:Welcome Jeff. I didn't realize there was another site.
  12. I drive the boat, and trust me, it's the first rigger I want down.
  13. Sounds like damage from a lamprey.
  14. Jim is spot on, keep the drag just as he said and let them take line until you feel a good, solid hookup. The dipsey's are such a direct connection you need to have the cushion that the rigger hit on mono gives you. That's the best way I can explain it. The drag has to take the place of the stretch you get with mono. But a wire dipsey can be the best ride on the boat!
  15. The boat I fish on (Draggin Balls II} went out this morning to 330 fow & went 11 for 17. I had to work but the bills need to be paid. An AM trip is on for tomorrow and I'm assuming the same game plan. 17 miles out makes for a long ride back.
  16. With the buoy showing a water temp on bottom of 67.4 degrees, I'd say they are gonna be deep.
  17. Hopefully, game on Sunday.
  18. A warm welcome Dave, we are all passionate about this sport and sharing our experiences. If we can help, just ask.
  19. From what I remember it's a common 9 volt battery clip. I'd hit thrift shops or yard sales for a toy or electronic gizmo that uses a 9 volt battery and have it donate the plug. A little solder or crimp heat shrink connectors and you should be good to go.
  20. I have not been out yet (work sucks) but I would give Bill or one of the guys at Shoreline a call. He's right next to the Grand Trunk launch in Muskegon. 231-759-7254
  21. Thanks for a great site, Mike. I'm not surprised.
  22. Would a bicycle grip work?
  23. And you left me the tail section. Bless you.
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