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Stannard Rock Video 8-26-10


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After hearing all the talk about all the big fish being caught out at Stannard Rock, I decided I just had to try it ;) I booked a trip with Daybreak Charters and brought along 4 of my best friends, ready for some action! Thanks to my friends for making it a hell of a day on the water, and a day I really needed! Its really a lot of fun catching fish out there! :grin:

We left the dock at 10a.m. and returned after sunset. SE wind 10-20mph and waves that started at 4's and ended up as 2's. Dont know how many fish we boated, but it was plenty! Biggest 2 fish of the day, a 23lb. and a 21lb., were the first two fish in the boat.....at noon! We jigged for about 3-4 hours and then needed to relax for a while, so the "cans" and the sandwich's came out, the trolling gear went in, and we went huntin'! Found a few of my old trolling spots full of fish, as well as 2 new pinnicles I have never seen before. Anything that was hooked to a fishing line and dropped below the surface was HOT!

Here is a video from our trip! Enjoy! :thumb:

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Thanks for the comments guys! This was a great day for me because I just took some friends and went fishing.....for a change!

It was nice to hook a fish and not have to hand it off to someone else :no: I have sent 23 fish to the taxidermist this season so far.....NONE for MY wall! One of these days I will bring one to MY house! :thumb:

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