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I have never seen fishing stay so consistant like it has the last 3 weeks. Last night we went out of Holland, straight out turn south. Started in 85, did SW out to 125 and the screen lit up with bait, hooks, and TC, like I have never seen. It was like demo mode. We decided we were going to spin on that spot all night if we got out of them but it lasted from the sliders to Saugy. We went 9 for 12 between 7 and 8:00. ST was 71, 60 down was 68, and 70 down 52. A little after 8 the sun went behind a huge cloud bank and it shut down completely for about a half hour then slowly started up again. We ended up 12 for 20. 4 lakers, 1 steelhead, and7 kings. Wire divers back 250 have gone 29 times in the last 3 trips with 10" SD. Chute on the bottom(drop ball till it hits bring up 2') went 8 times with white paddle. I think we have had 7 double digit trips in a row. Only 4 boats out there last night and 1' swells. Couldn't get much closer to perfect.(except hook-up to land ratio).

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just wondering what your running behind the white paddle, leader length, & color fly. I went of PS last night and went 4 for 5 with the dipsey going 4 times nothing on rigger once on 250ft copper w carmel dolpin. Hot dipsey is the frog racer (yellow green with black dots with a green/white big weenie fly with yellow beads. i see u out of ps alot thanks in advance.

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