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Straits of Mackinac--June 11, 12

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I will be heading to the straits for an "other than fishing event" the weekend of June 11, 12, 13. The good news is that my son is going with me and the boat follows along. We will have a chance to try fishing.

Fishing in the straits is new to me....I'm an avid diver and scuba there a lot, but I'm newbie to techniques there.

Would someone be able to guide me as to good locations or suggestions?

We are actually staying on the boat for the weekend at Mackinac Island marina. The boat can handle some weather and distance.



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Scott, I'm sure some of the UP guys will chime in. The 4 times I have fished up there we got fish close to St Ignace. we trolled from the Coast Gard Station to the Light House/Municipal Marina area (NW from the Coast Gard Station), in water 60-70'.

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The Straits should be Laker Central by then. As long as they don't flood the bay with nets thing should be pretty good.. Like Nailer said From those 3 Big Cement Casons to the Coast Guard dock in that water depth he stated. Also that same troll past the coast guard dock there is a pretty good shelf thats runs out to the green can, you can follow it around out past under the bridge if you want. If you have a desent chip in your chart plotter you will see the breaks, fish them.. I don't know if we will get out of st.ignace before then so I can't give you much up to date infor, maybe Steeliebob can from this board. last year our best spoons where hands down, Sister Sledge, and Met. Yellowtail. If your not catching anything at Salmon speeds pull it back and go into a laker program..

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I can help you, Yoda is going to have charters then. I sent you a PM. I think some nicer salmon will be in about 100 fow about then but they will be scattered on the depth chart. Lake trout will be plentiful and up high there should be steelies and Atlantics.

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