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Billy V Report - Wilson May 13th w/pics

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This morning the wind gave us a break and we were able to run down to the Red Can and fish. The East wind we've had for the past few days has pushed all of our water way West of port, so it was nice of Mother Nature to give us a break and let us run this morning. Once we got to our spot and got set up, the rods started popping. Here's a link to a quick video of Jack and Paul after they landed a fast & furious triple hook up :6638536

We primarily worked 120-170FOW and we were fishing 90-120' down today. Spoons were the hot ticket, with the NK WHAT?!?! and the Dreamweaver SS Midnight Special each taking 4 or 5 fish apiece. We also had a couple of good diver combos today - a Green Dot Spinny/Sigg's BVGG and a Green Plaid Pro-Chip/Sigg's Green Hypnotist each took multiple fish. Best speed for us was 2.7mph. All in all a very fun and productive day on the water - certainly more so than yesterday! Here's the pics:




Back out again tomorrow!

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We saw you guys out there.

Managed to boat 3 coho's 5-7 #

Then the coupler went out on the engine to outdrive. Coast Guard towed us back from the green can, after 3 guys in a Lund started helping us out.

Was a beautiful day till the winds came up again.

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