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Detroit River 4/17

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Kicked off the club tournament season this weekend at the traditional starting location - Detroit River. Lots of wind and a little snow spitting in the morning. But also lots of fish, some with pretty good size. We only managed two for the weighin, but they weighed 11.4 pounds. I caught a 6.7 pounder jigging up by the US Steel mill. Finished 23rd out of the 39 boats, which isn't bad for two fish. Winning basket was over 33 pounds.

First attempt at posting a picture below.


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Nailer - Yup....WMWC. There was also an MWT tourrney on the river that day launching out of Elizabeth Park, which are the money guys. We just hold one club tournament a month on some body of water....no entry fee, no prizes, just lots of fun (and maybe a little bit of trash talking). We're heading to Houghton Lake in May, which should be fun because I've never been there (though lots of other club guys know it well). It'll also double this year as our Cabelas qualifier for their national tournament next spring on Winnebago.

Don't mean to push a different group on this site, though. Looking forward very soon to getting back on the big lake for some salmon action and maybe hooking up with the GLF crew. Sure enjoyed and appreciated the day of charter captains you guys held in Hudsonville.

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