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  1. Sounds like the combat fishing season is in full swing! Great time to remember its all about the fun.
  2. As others said, spent a few hours marking fish in a couple depths, but tough getting them to take anything. No so with the black flies, however......have never seen them so thick on Lake Michigan. Brutal! Biting me right through 98% deet. Just me, or others, too? Any secret for keeping them away?
  3. Made a quick run out Sun AM to see if I could rustle up some Browns. Caught one little one up in 6 FOW off the power plant....beach patrol! Good to get out and start the open water season. May need to run south and get in on all those cohos you guys are posting.
  4. I have Traxstech tracks and Bert's holders. No problem. Don't know about Cannon.
  5. Way to go, Boomer! I gave it a run Sunday afternoon and was the only rig in the lot. 2-4 footers and only found one small laker. Just hate to give up on the season!
  6. I'm in. And if you'd like to connect with the West Michigan Walleye Club in any way, or just have me post the event on their site for awareness, just let me know. I know we have several joint members already.
  7. Hope you didn't catch everything that was left in Sag Bay, Adam. West Michigan Walleye Club is heading over this Saturday for a tournament! We plan to do some cookout damage on Friday after prefishing.....people are currently debating the relative potency of baked bean recipes....probably a good thing we'll be outside on Saturday! What's better than a couple days on the water, good food and good friends! Hope you have good salmon fishing over on this side for the rest of the season. Kings are fairly steady down in Holland, with a few sizeable ones showing up (one 30+ pounder in Port Sheldon a couple weeks ago, which is very unusual for here). So Ludington should be awesome.
  8. Well, Dave, congrats on getting the new boat out anyway! I was out Friday night and found marks all over the screen, but only got two to go. The guys are right about them being 60-70 down. As far as the partner knocking off the fish....that's why I fish solo so much....so I can knock them off myself! You'll smoke them on your second trip!
  9. My brother from Wisconsin and I fished Green Bay all last week for walleyes, but caught lots of other species in ther process....catfish, pike, perch, a million sheephead, and a muskie that spooled off 150 feet of line before he shook loose. The biggest surprise was water temp - 74 degrees + all week. I initially assumed that meant fish would be deeper, but was wrong. 90% of the walleyes we caught during the week were in seven FOW. This was true whether we were down in University Bay or up on the shoulders of the channel, and whether it was bright and sunny or raining downpours. Biggest fish for the week was 5 lbs, with several more 3.5-4. Maybe the bigger ones were in deeper water and I just couldn't fnd them. Wasn't really as concerned about finding tournament fish, anyway, as much as good action and lots of 'eaters.' Tried crankbaits a few times during the week, but everything was caught on crawler harnesses. Final day (Friday) was very fun with drenching rain early and overcast the balance of the day. 6.5-7.5 FOW pulling crawlers 11 feet behind the boards on 1 oz inlines with a hammered gold willow blade was the hot setup. Ran it right next to other colors in the same depth, but they wanted that gold willow blade. Pulled a couple limits then headed back in for drying off and final fish fry of the week. Caught the most walleyes ever in one of our brother fishing weeks...ate them all week and brought home many for the freezer. Fantastic time!! One pic below (still can't figure out how to post multiple).
  10. Since last year I fillet the cheeks off my walleyes....they fry up great (like 'walleye chips'). But have never done so with a salmon. And I usually catch the walleye cheeks attached to the fish, not one at a time! Sorry for the tough luck. Looks like Marty's knee held up, at least. It'll go smoother next time.
  11. Appreciate it very much guys; really useful info. Hadn't heard much from over there and was debating whether to haul over the salmon gear in addition to the walleye stuff. What the heck....might as well 'pack like a girl' and bring everything I own. Tight lines and screaming drags; looks like a great holiday weekend.
  12. Heading over to Green Bay for a week on Saturday, primarily for walleye fishing, but wondered how the salmon season is going on the Bank. Anything you could share would be appreciated. Thanks!
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