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Hello all

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More than happy to be apart of the forum. Can't ever have too much information from too many sources.

I fish mostly in the North East part of Michigan on, of course, Lake Huron. True, salmon are on a bit of a shortage during certain times of the year, but having a great day of catching is an everyday thing if you don't mind fighting the greasers.

I run two boat depending on water conditions and type of fishing. I love my trophy for most everything including walleye and lake trout.

I love the tiara for fishing tournaments on both sides of the state. I love boats and fishing in-general!

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TJ, A warm welcome to you. It's good to have another Sunrise sider here.:) Let us know if you need any help. I live about half way between AuGres and Tawas. My main port is AuGres, but I do change ports including some Lake MI trips. I used to fish your area, from Harrisville to Rogers City.:)


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