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Tails from the other side!

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Hi fellow anglers,

I've already outed myself as being from the other side of the Lake Michigan pond, the IL / WI bourder. I've spent a little time over on the East side and I liked it! Advice on locations to visit and best times to would be great. Fishing is my biggest intrest, well just short of keeping the rest of "the crew" happy.

So, info on fun places to harbor when the fishing is good and there are interesting things or events happening. What would you be targeting and how...wait I feel a cold stare on my back!!! I mean the most fun filled family adventure were I could probably catch a fish in my limited free time:jester:

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Welcome to the site.

If I were going to spend time family and Fish, I would look to Pentwater:), Ludington:), or

Grand Haven all have a lot for the family to do - (the 1st two would be my primary choice to get more of the UP North feel:grin:)

what to target - depends on your time of the year - keep checking the site's reports as you get close to your trip. that will give you a starting point for depth and tackle choice.

if you are coming mid summer just be ready to go deep.

good luck,

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one other thought would be Muskegon great fishing camping lots of things to do and close to Grand Rapids Grand Haven and Holland. You did not say when you wanted to come the fishing is pretty good here from May thru Oct with a few lulls lots of small lakes and rivers to occupy your and the families time spend a afternoon in a Kayak on the White river and take in a show in GR the same evening. Really any place you pick I am sure you will have a good time I just find Muskegon to be a great port and close to lots of stuff including Ludington. Now if fishing was the only option I might make other suggestions but sounds like you need a family plan and Muskegon is hard to beat west in the morn to fish and north south or east in the afternnon and evening to keep the wife and kids happy.

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