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April Brown blast

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Next year if all goes well, we may try the Brown Blast in St Joe.

I have never fish that early in the year.

My understanding is, to fish in tight with stick baits.

Whats your favorite set up for early spring?


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This is a great tournament. We've been lucky enough to finish 2nd the last 2 years. We like Thin Fins, orange flashers w/peant flies, and Hot n tots for the coho. Stick baits mostly for the browns, but the coho stuff works for them also. Fish anywhere as long as its south in 5 to 20fow. Last year only 1 brown was even caught, but I think the year before it was 27. We weighed 4 coho and a 16# king last year for big fish that just beat out a 15#er so be prepared for anything. 2 years ago a 12# steelhead was caught that jumped back out of the cooler by some freinds.

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