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After Dark Walleyes with a twist. 10-18-09

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Me and Reel Fishin launched the boat at 6:30 this evening and headed directly to our first lead core spot. The graph was wall to wall bait and huge hooks stacked around them. On our 2nd pass right at dark I caught our first walleye. But then even though all the signs stayed positive, the fishing went dead. We made another 5 or 6 passes but the bite (at least there) was over.

On our way back towards the ramp we could visually see baitfish being busted at the surface in one of the Marinas under the lights around the docks. I told Mark those are probably white bass, so lets slide in there and throw some jigs. Well, we tried jigs for a while with no success, so just for kicks I tied on a #9 Sinking Rapala. Took a cast on top of some busting bait and WAM, fish on. But it was not a white bass, but a nice walleye. I rigged Mark up with another Rapala and the fun was on. We finished up going 4 for 7 in short order until the bait stopped jumping and the walleyes quit as well. What a blast. :P:D







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Really, i need to reset my priorities....I need fish more..until then I will live vicariously


If your living vicariously get your gear ready, because we're heading out in an hour with a client from Fowlerville this morning. We'll be keeping the fish today so bring your cooler. See you at the ramp. :P;):D

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I used to live in Saginaw before I moved to the UP. I fished under the mercury vapor lights all of the time usually with a 1/8 oz leadhead w a chartruse twister grub with the sparkles in it. On a good night you would reel in a fish on damn near every cast. It was awesome. Started in October and fished like this until the river iced over. We ice fished near the same mercury vapor lights on first ice and did very good too.

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