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Just another lead Core Monday. 10-13-09

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Did a short 3 hour trip this morning on the Saginaw River with my buddy Reel Fishin. Jigged with Knucklballs and Gulps for almost 2 hours in different spots on the river while only having 2 short bumps. And with all the balls of baitfish from top to bottom, along with the huge inverted Check Marks we were seeing under them, we couldn't figure out why we couldn't get anything too go. Well, tomorrow morning we're just going to start with lead core and cut down on the jigging rod room in the boat. Why argue with success. :rolleyes:

Big fish was just touching the 27 inch mark. And you can see they were not to shy about hitting the #5's today.:eek: That big fish jammed me good as I pumped and had the rod lifted way over my head as the core and Rap climbed the ledge we were fishing. :P





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GJ on the eyes.:) Looks like they were inhaling the lures.:)

Yupper, they sure were Frank.

Part of the technique is pumping the rod as you troll, so you can tell if the lure is fouled or not. 2 or 3 colors of lead core out reduces the feel/vibration you get to your hands from the lure through the rod butt, so pumping it and creating a more severe vibration is the best way to tell if the lure is still running clean. This big guy deep throated the lure on the fall after a pump, and must have been coming up fast from the rear. :lol: Rough part was I had the rod at arms length above my head, almost behind my back, working the lure up on a steep ledge when he hit. Jammed me a good one. :eek:

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