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Well I didn't catch 18 but I'll post anyway. We landed 3, lost two other hookups, and missed about 4 other releases (3 for 9:mad:) in 115 FOW. Setups that took hits were:

Mother of pearl J-Plug down 90' on rigger (4 hits, 1 landed)

Green Spatter Back Silver Horde Plug on full copper (2 hits, 1 landed)

11" DW Pearl Fishscale with Oceana fly (1 hit)

Blue Bubble flash/fly on full core with 3 oz. dive bomb (1 hit)

11" DW Pearl Fishscale with pickle sunshine fly down 120' on rigger (1 hit)

GPS Speed of 2.4 all night. Fish were about 5, 8, and 15 lbs. Hope you hook 'em up better than I did tonight.

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Hey, nice job. I know it can be frustrating, but having action and not getting fish is allot better than nothing at all. Even if they dont hook up at least you know you got the program down.

Exactly. Nice catch and sounds like things were popping.:grin:

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Everyone has days like that.

I went 3 for 9 two Friday's ago. Thought I was loosing it. Turned around and went 10 for 12 Sat night. Some days that is just how it goes.

Good work on the weights. Man I love seeing those 15lb fish and bigger.

Last year that seemed very rare.

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