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I got Suckered yesterday.

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Wulp, I know this isn't about walleyes in any shape or fasion. But when the wife got home early from work yesterday afternoon, I had a gut feeling the suckers were really running at Omer with the warmer weather. Wulp, I was right. In an hour and 45 minutes (5:30 to 7:15) I had 13 suckers on. Bad part was I only landed 2. Seems my fused left ankle is not very condusive to getting around very well on un-even inbankments, so I was stumbling around like a monkey doing you know what to a football, every time I'd get the darn things close enough to net. And most (7) of them simply worked their way off the hook. So that would have been 9 suckers I would have landed. The other day I had Reel Fishing do all that dirty net work for me, while I just sat there and reeled in the fish. I've almost finished off all of the 6 suckers I smoked Wednesday already. And they were even better tasting today after setting in the frig all night. I hope the weather holds off and I can get back up for one more trip before they quit running.

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Thank's Frank.

I used to love my own willingness over the years to get out and hunt, fish and trap, even if I had to do it alone or with just the dog and me. But it's starting to look like I'll have to be chaperoned when on any rough terra-firma trips from here on out. :no::mad:

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These are the first ones I've ate in many years. The many (Y) bones people are always complaining about are mostly in the tail section from the dorsal fin back. The flesh is very tasty, especially smoked by people who know how to smoke fish. I've been doing it for 35 years, starting back when I ran my own catfish line on the Bay and sold the fish at work in the foundry. Them boys would gang up on me in the rest area and whipe me out in 10 minutes. :grin:

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Been a long time since I had smoked suckers but they were always good esp the black ones this time of year in cold water. We caught and released 60 of them last week Thur what a blast gave a few away and threw the rest back. I would have loved to keep the Walleye we released but did not want em bad enough to go to jail for em. Dan as a my grandmother used to say getting old ain't for sissies.

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