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Went 5/8 out of White Lake on Saturday morning.

Started setting lines about 5a.m. in 45 FOW on a sw troll. We had a couple of releases in the 60' range but no fish. We finally had a nice one on at 68'. It was on the dipsey, 130 back, black hootchie mama with pearl tape and a purple no-seeum fly. Lost it after about 15 minutes. Things were kinda of crazy for a while with a lot of hits but no fish on by the time we got to the rod.

Picked up a fish 3 different times when we hit the 68 foot mark.

20# king on the black hoochie mama with pearl and a blue no-seeum fly on the dipsey 130 back.

4# king on killer yellow 34 down.

5# king on a NBK 48 down.

Picked up a 14# king on white hootchie mama with blue bubble fly 60 down on a rigger, 78 FOW

Last one came on a penguin spoon 44 down on the rigger in 110 FOW.

Would have liked to fill the limit on kings but the 0-1 foot waves forcasted had started coming over the bow on my 18 footer while trolling against the waves. All in all a good day and a lot of fun.

Mark Twain

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That 20lb king would have won big fish if you would have been fishing Johnsons tournament. Big fish was 19. I was 8 for 14 on Saturday morning with the largest being 16lb. Lost one larger king at the boat because of inexperienced rod handler. The lake did get alot rougher than forcast I had one come slightler over the rear corner of my 20 foot boat. All in all a good day fishing.

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Fished the johnsons tournament and ended up having boat problems as soon as we set up a few miles north of white lake. Ended up having something sucked up the gas line and had to take the lines apart and clear them out. Fixed this problem then began to fish a little after 8. GOt hit right away but ended up starting 0-3 then hit the big fish of the tourny on a full core in 80 fow. Then as soon as the fish is landed the boat died again just shuts off, different problem. Figure out that there was a broken wire that kept shortning out the motor and fixed this after we crept back to whitehall ( boat would go for a bit then die if you hit a wave wrong) re-set lines in front of the pier and picked up 4 more kings before we pulled lines at around 1130 due to the waves building. Ended 5/8 or so in a couple hours of fishing

Team Ramble ON

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I have been reading the fishing reports from this site this year and have found them to be very informational. I thought that I should probably start posting my results and that maybe someone would be able to pull something from them.

Thanks again and good luck out there.


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