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  1. 2/2 trolling on Lake Michigan. 1 steelhead & 1 brown in 30 feet of water with #13 Rapala. Awesome to be trolling in December!
  2. Set up in 70' about 7pm and trolled out to 135'. Picked up a nice 15lb king right at sunset. 48' down in 70' of water on a light green Big Weenie meat rig. The water was cold everywhere.
  3. Ran a quick shake down run Tuesday afternoon and went 2/2. Shaker steelhead on a orange rapala in 8' near duck lake. Nice brown right in front of the channel just before pulling lines on a black and grey thunderstick. All in all a beautiful couple of hours.
  4. Went 5 for 8 in a couple hours Friday night. NBK was the hottest taking 3 kings off the riggers set at 82 down. 100, 127, and 115 FOW. Took a nice steelhead off a rigger at 42 feet down with a spoon that I can never remember the name of. Had another screamer on that set up that came unbuttoned. Blue bubble fly and flasher went 1 for 3, 150 back set on 2. All in all a great night. Pulled lines around 9:20 because of an early trip Saturday morning with 'Eliott', which was also a gas.
  5. Nice job Jay. Looks like you are enjoying your vacation! I was hoping to get out Saturday but the forecast does not look hopeful.
  6. Nice job Jay!!!! I don't remember you calling me to go?
  7. Nice job Terry. Thanks for the report. I'm going to try and get out Monday morning.
  8. Got out last night for the first time this year. What a beautiful night to be out on the lake. We went 1 for 3 but at least we got the smell out of the boat. Lost one on a full core, 190 fow, on a jawbreaker. Caught about an 8lb king on the same rig in 180 fow. Lost one on a pooh bear on the slider, rigger set at 40 in 118 fow. Not the best day fishing but a great night on the water.
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