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  1. @R3Fishing You don't need to invest in 2 more wire divers. Most people, myself included, use braided line on what's commonly referred to as your high divers. You just need a 10 foot rod if you are running a 9 foot for your wire divers. Run both rod holders parallel to the water or as low as you can, because the biggest issue I've encountered with them is getting your planer boards into them when bringing those in because the angle of the line with the dipsy on a 3 setting is pretty flat and extends quite a ways behind your boat above the water line. The other issue is that they can, and do, get tangled with your longer coppers. Typically they don't bother the shorter coppers if you are using mag divers on them because they sink deeper with the extra weight and size. I generally don't run them unless I have an experienced crew on board with me or I'm fishing solo and running an aggressive 3 rod spread (rigger, low and high). They can also come in handy for combat fishing when running planers is not practical due to all the boat traffic. You just have to be very carful about how sharp you turn and the rip currents around the piers can cause problems. Hope that helps.
  2. Awesome! Glad they finally showed you some love. I've been struggling as of late, also. However, Friday night we were 7 for 11 out of Holland and all of our big fish (4 bites) came on meat rigs 220 back on wire diver. Our other hot rig was a mag UV Green Dolphin 120 down on rigger.
  3. @Seahunt210 Water temps are TOTALLY different now compared to Thursday, so depths probably don't mean anything now. Hopefully, now that the GHOC tourney is done there will be more reports. I'd like to find a 28lb king, myself 🙂 Nice work @Bobr!
  4. Coho fishing was real good on 5/13 AM, straight out, past 200 FOW (until about 10:30 am) but then it just shut off. Sounds like a lot of the silver fish moved way north yesterday.
  5. Usually, only when fishing by myself or with an experienced person. Also, water current plays a bigger factor on my small boat as to whether I run them. High divers account for most of the tangles as you know but as long as you are careful about how you deploy it really shouldn't matter the length of rod. The charter I work with on occasion use the same length Talora roller guide rods for both highs and lows and generally bounce bottom with both.
  6. Left dock @ 5:30 am. Tried fishing 30-50 FOW before sun-up. Marked a LOT of fish close to the pier but couldn't get anything to go. Finally gave up and decided to slide out to deeper water on a NNW troll. Strong wind from the east made it tough to keep a steady speed. Avg. down speed was 2.4. First fish came @ 9:00 am in 125 FOW on Green glow ladder back mag spoon 40 down 40 back on rigger. (10# Steelhead). Started marking fish consistently about 40 - 50 down. Put out a 225 w/ a mag Flounder Pounder RV Green and it picked up about an 8 pound steelie about 10 am right after we made our turn to the South in 145 FOW. Down speed was only 1.5 when it hit. Fished until 10:30 am and pulled lines.
  7. Great report. Thank you! I'm heading to Manistee tonight chasin' biggens. Good luck on the rest of your trip.
  8. Arrived at the Holland launch at 5:00 am. Motored down to just past sliders and started a salmon program (pre-dawn) on a S troll. Had decent marks and bait in 60 FOW but only got one rip on a Big Weenie Tribal Green meat rig that didn't hook up. After the sun was up for about an hour we slid out to 80 FOW and changed a few rods over for trout. Picked up a decent sized Laker straight out of Saugy on a wire diver with a Mt. Dew Spindoctor and Spin-n-glow. My buddies didn't care to catch any more trout and I didn't want to kill more then I had to so I pulled lines and ran to the mouth of the Kzoo and made several passes (different speeds/directions). Marked a lot of fish in the mud but only got 1 rip on a 1.5 leadcore w/ a stinger Blue Veggies. Only stayed hooked up for a minute. Surface temp was around 60-65 and down temp was in the low 50's. Ran back up toward Holland and attempted to work the top 40 one more time in 95 FOW. Marked a lot of bait balls down about 30 foot with good marks on them but no takers. Back to the launch by 12:00 pm. Wasn't for lack of time/effort.
  9. It's because nobody has been lighting it up over the past couple of weeks. To make matters worse the recent up-welling has the fish scattered. I'm going out of Holland in the morning in search of anything that will bite and will post a report regardless of the outcome.
  10. Arrived at launch around 5:30 am. Ran down to the "sliders" and started setting lines in 105 @ 6 am on a S troll. Initially set an all salmon spread as the sun was coming up. After about 30 minutes I started switching a few things out for trout. Wasn't having a lot of success. Turned north at Saugy and moved out to deeper water (120) and picked up 1 small trout on a SD/spin glo combo on rigger but lost it trying to flip it in the boat without the net. Got another LT on wire diver SD/SG combo and lost it. Got another LT on wire diver. Picked up a good sized Laker on a blue Flounder Pounder spoon down 60 on rigger. Picked up one more LT on the rigger bouncing bottom with the Mellow Yellow SD/spinny combo on rigger. No silver bites. Pulled lines at 10:30. Finished 3-5 on trout. SOG was 1.8 - 2.2. Speed at ball was 2.0-2.5
  11. I caught a Chinook that looked similar back in 2011, I think. I'll see if I can dig up the picture sometime.
  12. Funny looking fish, Ed. Glad you got your rod back. Sounds like an interesting day, indeed!
  13. Got to the launch at 5:20 am. Ran West-northwest out of port to 125 FOW and set lines on a S troll (fished basically straight out all morning). Picked up a lake trout on a wirediver meat rig. Tossed it back. Picked up another small laker on rigger 80 down with a Moonshine Blue Jeans mag spoon. Tossed it back. Had a short strike on 225 copper with a live wire sd and pickled sunshine fly. Kept working 120-130 and landed a 10# steelhead on a 350 copper with a showtime sd and fly combo. Bite slowed down and we tried out to 150 with nothing to show. Started trolling back into 120's and picked up a smal coho on the 225 Live Wire in 140. Worked the 120's at a slower speed (2.5 SOG) and picked up 3 more bites all on the same 225 lw combo. One nice coho that spit the hook about 50 feet from the boat, a 13# King, and a 6 # coho. 
  14. It's a good idea. I think I will try it. Most of those days that I noticed better action with the big paddle, the paddle itself didn't get much love anyway but was probably just acting as an attractant.
  15. I've had a day where I was getting bit with an 11" paddle on rigger and then took it off and they dried up. Put it back on and started getting bit again. I've also had days where I struggled to get bites and put one on and started doing well. Other days it doesn't seem to make a difference.
  16. We found them in 110 this morning. We launched at 5:30 and ran straight out of PS to 100. We were 2 for 3 by 6:30 am and ended up 4 for 8 by 8:00 am. Bite shut off and couldn't get anything else to go after that. Black Hulk Moonshine on 350 and 8" Showtime spinny on 225 were best. Had something big break off a 10" Black Jeans meat rig on wire dipsy 140 back, and Blue Flounder Pounder RV on 300 took our biggest fish (22#). The water temp was 55 on surface and 50 degrees from 50 down to bottom. South troll was best w/2.6 @ the ball.
  17. They were working on the cleaning station this morning when I was there. It was up and running and the water shut off seems to be working fine now.
  18. Somehow we avoided the skunk (5/31)...Launched at 6:30 am. Lost my net at the drawbridge!! I was so mad at myself. I ran out to 60 FOW and set lines and started trolling WSW. Set riggers and as I started setting out my long lines first I got our first bite on a the Bloody Nose RV on rigger down 60. Lake Trout. 2nd bite came on a 10 color with a stinger blue veggies (small king) no sooner then I got it out there. Took a decent sized king on glow white blue ladder back Moonshine spoon on 300 copper not long after setting it out. Got another Laker on the 10 color w/ stinger Blue Veggies. All bites were between 70-100 FOW. Trolled over dead water out to 120 and picked up a steelhead on the 150 copper w/ Jager Bomb. Trolled back into 105 and tried a N troll for a bit but didn't get any other bites. SOG was 2.2-2.5. Speed at the ball was 2.9-3.1. Current was ripping pretty good. Tough morning but didn't lose any fish even though we had no net. There was another boat at the cleaning station that did similar to us but with bigger fish.
  19. Left the city launch at 6:50 am and proceeded to 130 FOW straight out of the harbor. Turned North with waves to set lines and Immediately got a rigger bite @ 60 down with a mag Flounder Pounder but didn't hook up. Had a small Lake Trout hit a Spin Doctor (Atomik Chrome Killer)/fly (green) on wire diver 135 back but came off near the boat. Boated a nice laker on the Flounder Pounder down 60 before turning to the South. Took another bigger Laker on the spinny/fly wire diver. 300 copper fired with a good King on a Jager Bomb. No sooner then got that in the boat and the other wirediver with a super slim Get er Done spoon got crushed and bent one of the hooks straight. Nabbed and released another nice Laker on the spin/fly combo. Removed rod from lineup. Took a 20lb. King on the Flounder Pounder before the bite shut down. Pulled lines and ran North a couple miles but only managed one more small Laker (dragger) when reeling in one of the riggers. SOG was all over the place but best down speed was 2.9. Returned to dock at 11:40 am.
  20. Good eye, Tyeell. Yes, it is! I searched all over for something that I could securely mount a rigger on a narrow gunnel boat and still be able to quickly remove as needed. It works like a champ. I only have very light-weight manual riggers on it because I ended up having to use wellnuts in the top bolts that attach to the gunnel. I'm considering upgrading to electric because I think I actually put more stress on the mount by cranking up the ball then an extra 10lbs. of motor weight would.
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