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  1. Thanks to all for your replies. Looks like I start with 8" SD and work from there. We have our fall derby coming up on LPO and I will at least try to add a flasher program in the mix. Great forum to enjoy when I am not fishing. Randy
  2. Hi All, I was hoping for some recommendations as to the use of Spin Doctor Flashers. Cabela's just opened a store near me and they carry the 8" Spin Doctors and also the 10" Spin Doctor Magnums. They can also special order the 6" Spin Doctors. What size do most of you run on your riggers, boards or with Dipsy Divers? I was also wondering if you change flasher size based on the time of year. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. My fishing is confined to Rainbow and Lake Trout in north Idaho. Randy
  3. Hi All, I searched for information on engine oil changing pumps but couldn't find anything. Does anyone have any experience with the pumps on the market that drain oil by pumping through the dipstick? I have two Honda outboards on my sled and was thinking about using a pump through the winter months because it is difficult to pull my boat once they drop our lake level. I was looking at the Pela 650 model. Thanks for any input pro or con. Randy
  4. Thanks guys for the help! Hopefully your comments will shorten my learning curve using flashers. It looks like White Double Crush Glow and Mountain Dew Crush Glow will get me started. Since moving west most of my Rainbow success has come using spoons throughout the year. In the fall my efforts turn to flies fished off of planer boards. Our big Kams will start coming to the surface sometime in October. Best wishes for tight lines and screaming reels. Randy
  5. I am new to the boards and I am in need of some help with suggestions for running flashers for Rainbows. I live in north Idaho and fish on Lake Pend Oreille. Our fishery includes Lake Trout and Rainbows and I have never fished with flashers. From what I have researched I plan on using flashers primarily with dipseys and spoons or flies. I am looking to purchase some spin doctors and would like help with color selection. I have pulled Dreamweavers Spin Doctor color selection from their web site and would appreciate the name of your favorite Rainbow colors and set ups. Again my focus is on Rainbows and not Lake Trout. I have a good selection of Siggs Rig Flies and Silver Streak spoons. I used to live in Pennsylvania and fish Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes. It's great to have found this Forum and read what is productive back east. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is my largest rainbow taken from my new lake and it weighed over 20 lbs and was caught on a fly off of a planer board. Randy
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