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  1. First trip out this year for Lef T. Fished from 6 to 9pm from 80 to 160 and then back to 105 where we had our first release at about 8:30. About 15# king hit a Flounder Pounder mag spoon 68' down on the rigger. While fighting this fish the other rigger went and landed another king, a twin to the first one. 58' down on the rigger with a Dreamweaver Green Leopard spoon. Nothing on coppers or leadcore. 2 hits, 2 fish. Beautiful night on the water.
  2. Fished from 6 to 10 this am going 5 for 7 in 110 to 130' of water. 2 kings on 300 copper on double trouble. One on full core with green flounder pounder. One on 225 copper with wrecking ball lure. One on the rigger with mag flounder pounder 35 down. 3 kings in the teens with the biggest 18#. Two smaller kings. Perfectly flat lake this morning made it very enjoyable.
  3. I was on Berts Boy yesterday. Not a good feeling to have the boat die after it was running so well. At least it wasn't windy and as we floated in about 70' of water we did a little jigging while waiting for a tow. I do think I'll look into that tow insurance myself as I've had issues with my motor as well. Although there are always fishermen out there that are more than happy to tow. I know that in the future I'll go out of my way to tow somebody if need be. Thanks again to Slim for the tow:thumb:
  4. Fished from 6 to 10 this AM. Fished from 90 to 180 fow and back. Black and white kitty. Went 7 for9 on Sat. Same water. Go figure!
  5. bigfish 101 The launch at Port Sheldon is in great shape. All of the docks are in. The water level is up and there were no problems getting out to the lake. When we got there at about 4:30 pm, there weren't any trailers in the lot. That surprised me. When we left at around 8 there were only 4 other trailers. Oh, by the way, I'm Berts Boy's brother, and we were on my boat. Nice night on the water.
  6. Set lines last night out of Port Sheldon at about 5 o'clock in 80 feet of water and trolled west. Got to 145' with nothing going and decided to turn south. Halfway through the turn rigger went off 56' down with a blue dolphin Dreamweaver spoon. Boated a 10# king. Continued trolling south/southwest and slowly moved out to 150' and the other rigger went off 50' down on the ball the free slider got hit with a seasick stingray sized stinger. Boated another 10# king. Just got him in the boat and the other rigger went off again, blue dolphin 56' down about a 7# king. While we were fighting this fish the full core of lead went off with a magnum moonshine NBK looking lure, another 7# king. Trolled for another hour with nothing. Brother had to get to work at 11 so we headed toward the piers at about 8 and picked up another 10# king in 130' of water on a wire dipsey with a white and green spin doctor with a LG Hypnotist rapture fly. Put the wire dipsey away for the night and started pulling the boards in with the lead and got hit on the way in but this fish came off. Ended up 5 for 7 between 5 and 8:30 pm for a nice box of fish. Lef T
  7. Water temps were at 58 in close and mid 60's out deep. Didn't try fishing in close and didn't notice any marks in there either. We wanted to fish in 70 to 80 at dark but didn't make it after taking fish in that 130' range.
  8. Fished Port Sheldon last night from 7:30 to 10 pm. Ended up 4 for 5 with one King going about 12#. Started in 110' and picked up the first fish in 145' on a silver Northport with green tape and glow back 65' down on the rigger. Trolled out to 175' with nothing and turned back east. Got to 130' at about 9:30 and picked up 3 more fish by 10. One more on the same rigger. Two on a lemon glow Northport off a 12 color lead core including the big fish. Missed one on a Moonshine bloody nose glow on the 10 color lead core. First time out for the Lund this year so it was good to put a few fish in the boat. Hope to get out a little more in July. Didn't get home until midnight so I'm feeling the effects today. Lef T
  9. Great post Caznik. I was wondering about the single hooks. All the flies I've ever bought had treble hooks on them, but my hook up ratio isn't the greatest. Maybe the single hooks will improve my hook-up ratio. Please respond if this is the case. Has it improved your hook-up ratio? Thanks, Lef T
  10. Same boat Caznik. Even the same color but with a different trailer. I have only 2 downriggers on it with 2 rod holders on each side and one down the chute. Thinking about getting a mast system for it to run big boards, but not sure I want to do that. Tournaments sound interesting so I will have to think seriously about them when the time comes.
  11. Pretty sure I met you at the show Mike. I tried to use your name as a referral but it would 't let me. I have not been out fishing yet but plan on getting out maybe on Easter weekend. Still have to get the boat out of storage. Sorry but I don't have any pics of the boat to post but as soon as I get it set up this Spring I'll have to post a picture. Second that about those Lund boats. I bought it new in 2003 and have not been sorry. Have a 115 Yamaha four stroke on it and that does a nice job as well. Very economical on gas which is always a plus.
  12. Just found out about this site at the Grand Rapids Sport and RV Show last Thursday. Fish out of a 1700 Lund Fisherman mostly out of Port Sheldon. Looking forward to the 2007 salmon season.
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