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  1. FYI Buddy of mine called me this morning to tell me he and a friend fished the Holland Channel this morning. He said he saw 4 fish caught off the South pier and there were 6 fish caught off the North pier. He caught a small Coho and lost a King the friend he was fishing with lost 2 Kings.
  2. Fished Holland this morning with a friend testing his boat. Caught nice Steelhead on 4 color in 90 feet of water on a Green Dolphin. Caught two small kings one on small jointed chartreuse Rapala on a 2 color, the other on 4 color green dolphin. Can not say for sure what depth of water these hit in however we were able to release both of them. Marked some fish 90 to 120 of water. Talked to another boat at the dock he released 2 small kings also. I do not know the rules for the tournaments this weekend hopefully these small kings do not need to go in the cooler.
  3. Fished Holland this morning. 10 to 20 feet of water South of the channel. Went 1 for 3. A 8# Brown on a high line with a Fire Tiger Thunder Stick. Lost one on high line on Hot N Tot chrome with blue back. Lost screamer on 1 color Bloody Nose. Water Temp was 47 to 48. Probe speed was 2 to 2.2 all action was on North troll.
  4. Fished Holland yesterday morning, trolled in front for the first hour and a half never had a hit nor did we see any fish caught. Moved out to 50 to 60 feet caught 5 big sheepheads from the surface to 40 feet down. Did mark a lot of bait. When we came into the dock there was a perch fisherman loading up who said he caught his limit.
  5. Lake Macatawa does get a plant Chinook Salmon 2013 15,039 2012 45,520 2011 43,800 2010 44,831
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