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  1. The last read I got from a guy actually involved with monitoring the alewife population/ reproduction/ egg counts. Stated they where impressed with the number of eggs showing in the female population sample this year!They where generally suprised and encouraged! This bodes well for the plants since the reduction was based on the alewife crash. No bait no plants less bait less plants. He was genuinely encouraged that if what they are seeing continues the plant numbers will be going back up in the next year or two! Lets hope so!!!
  2. Hey thanks for the report Frank! A couple buddies and I will be up next Thursday through the holiday weekend! Staying at the marina in Au Gres hope to get on some fish! Call out is Fresh water warrior since I'll be hauling my boat over. What channel are the fishermen on over on the Bay? West side salmon fishermen are usually on channel 68 not sure if thats the same east side or not! Again thanks for the report!
  3. Very nice report! Thanks! Congrads on the catch!!!
  4. I have a cannon mag 6 dual crank (6ft boom) with swivel base 200ft wire/ ball connectors, ready to fish I'd sell for 80 buck. But sorry not parting out! I do believe you can order a counter though!
  5. thanks for the updates! Where the perch fishermen still out there thick and heavy?
  6. Thanks for the great report!!!!!!! I'm not sure how much more you could've added besides GPS coordinates!lol! Thanks again, congrads on the catch and on passing inspection!
  7. Boltman, you know I'll come set lines for ya anytime I can! Hell I'm such a great guy I'll catch em land em. What ever ya need! But I will not eat them for you but you already know that! If you need the help or need a mate (do not confuse with cabin boy! lol) for friends, family, let me know and I will do what I can! More notice the better!
  8. Unfortunetly, I do most my viewing and reporting from my phone, Don't/ won't own a computer! Have one at work occasionally I get the time to get on. I have tried and tried to post pics. Been give the link on how to blah blah, I'm sure I'm an idiot and it can be done but I have been unsuccessful many many many times always get error message! So I don't even try anymore to post pics! But I do however tell everything I can. And I greatly appreciate all the help others have provided. I don't make it out that often but when I do they are really important trips, my kids (I'm divorced), Foster kids, Vets, Friends,Family. You folks plain and simple are the reason I catch any fish. Thats a fact! I don't need GPS cord! but every time I ask for FOW, whats hot, where to start depth wise, dipsey set backs ect. I get an answer every single time I ask every single time! Ussually its dead on! I thank you all for that! FOr my part I share everything I possibly can with the exception of pics so I try to explain in best detail! One of these days I will try to have some one better at this teach me how to upload photo's-- Prob one of my kids but I don't see them that much. I promise I will do what I can to provide correct in depth reports if I miss something or you want to know ask in a response and I will reply! Thank you all again many have helped me make many memories I otherwise wouldn't have with the one's near and dear to me! I truely hope to do the same for you.! CHeers Good LUck this season
  9. What size bags did you get? Yours is 18 I'm in a 23ft just trying to get a guess what size I need. I use buckets currently and get down to 2.1 but I want it slower for the east side for walleye. So I'm thinking about going with bags! Salmon I like anything from 2.1 up to 3 usually I'm right around 2.5 the majority of the time for steelhead I like 3.0 3.4 picked up salmon at those speeds as well. I let the fish tell me. I start at 2.5 and make S turns watch what gets hit inside or outside and adjust accordingly. Good Luck!
  10. I do a lot of Flasher/Flie fishing. 8inch spin doctor/fishcather almost exclusively use 22" leads but will extend to 28, 8"protrol or pro king paddle type flashers I sit 28 to 32. On the larger flashers 11inch I will run normally 32 to 38. my speed varies from 2.2 to 3.2 and I sit the majority of the time right around 2.5. Twill23 is 100% correct you need to determan the many factors of your target for best results!
  11. Done it for years, the video above is a good start. Works a lot better for steelhead in the spring than salmon in the fall imo. I also drift with bobber for steelhead wiht a small jig and grub (waxworm) this is very successful once you get the hang of it the jig must be just touching bottom and you twitch the rod as it floats down. its a twitch , twitch, float twitch twicth float type rythem and just deadly ussually pink head (1/16 or 1/8) with white feathers tipped with waxworm is most productive. Like everything there is a time and place this works early in the run up to when they start getting on beds then I switch to all sorts of flies and sometimes tip them with spawn or waxworm as well. Now salmon in the fall a very sucessful trick early is to put a very small egg pattern on your hook and then run a full crawler behind it but this only works for the first couple of weeks. A lot of folks do it now but back in the day at 6th street folks use to laugh at me and my buddy when they would see use pull out crawlers but not for long once they saw us out fishing them all. this wasnt with bobber though. Deadly when salmon first come in. Good luck practice practice practice drift has got to be perfect for the above mentioned steelhead tactic wether spawn floating or jig. oh another note use slip bobbers so you can adjust and get the bag or jig just touching (bouncing) off bottom! Again good luck
  12. Welcome! While the site is a little quite right now you will find great guys with a wealth of info and willing to share! This is not a bragging site! Every one shares if everyone shares so the more info when posting the better,port out of, Depth, speed, Temp, dipsey's back, lure/type/name or color. any and all info apreciated. No questions to dumb except the ones not asked. And trust me I've asked a lot of question. Have fun enjoy! Great guys here just can't say enough positive or count the number of fish these guys have put on my boat! Welcome and Good Luck!
  13. We do the same as above but in some jars we replace the Ketchup with BBQ sauce and we put onion and a small piece of garlic clove in the quart jar. For a little kick you can also put a splash of hot sauce on the ketchup or BBQ. We don't add vinigar either the Ketchup/BBQ/hot sauce seem to have enough vinigar as stated above. All awesome, we do a few of each just to change things up so we dont get sick of the same ole! Try it!!!
  14. Have to agree with supertramp. I fish with a lot of newbies and even some seasoned big lakers that want to pump the rod! IMHO its a bad habbit to get into with big fish on the big lake, I try to have them keep the rod back and gain line by reeling keeping the most pressure possible against that fish. Most commonly I see guys (especially seasoned) that want to horse them to the boat bringing them in way to hot. YOu have got to wear them out with pressure and drag. On my boat you will hear me say often "you got all day dont rush it! I have rarely run into another line fishing the V formation. Salmon and steel run to the top they dont sound (run deep) like some salt water fish now nothing is always but almost always they run to the surface. So the only time they tangle other lines is on the way up and usually a quick slip of the rod under or over sets them free of the tangle. I do on occasion clear a rod or two but more often than not move their respective position to another holder for a clearer lane. I also will turn the boat slowly to gain line, stop a long run, change angle and to help manage the really big fish but its a catch 22 with out a great reel man you get slack so there is a lot of coaching and the driver really has to pay attention. Its a dance between fish, fishermen and driver and a art form when it all comes together. We all loose fish, period! the biggest thing is rod up let him take drag (adjust up or down as needed) don't reel when he's taking drag keep line tight and pressure on!! Read the fish to best position boat, other lines, netter, and fishermen. Managing an exhausted fish at the side or back of the boat is far easier than a "hot one" so remember "you got all day take it easy wear em out" as already said you manage the fish not the other way around!!
  15. On spin doctors (8 inch) I pretty much stick with 22 or 24 inches, On other flashers like protrol I go from 28 on 8 inch to 34 on an 11 inch. Like mentioned experiment sometimes it all changes, but this is my go to because I catch fish at these lenghts. Good Luck!
  16. There is no way to get all the answers to all the ??? in one fail swoop! Time and experience will settle you in to what works best for you. I've been doing this some 40 yrs now and can tell you what works for one doesnt always work for another just far to many variables! DO as much reading on the subject as you can there are tons of resources. You gotta understand conditions! I do quite well on dipsey's and run as many as 6 (2 off each side and 2 down middle) normally run 4 at all times Flies and spin doctors mostly. But specific to this time of year plugs hot n tots, rapalas IMHO are best with meat and spoons often out produce everything, so spread a variety and chnge accordingly. Colors remain consistant year in and year out for the most part but there are days when the norm doesnt apply . So to start basic "norm colors" Blues, greens, yellows and orange for spoons plugs and flies flashers as well although flasher chrome chartreuse and mtdw (both dif greens in my book). Because of the combat fishing this time of the yr in the channels and such do not run lead or copper your only going to tangle and piss people off (unless out away from the crowds), I stick to riggers and mayb a diver or two not far back say 50-70 ft or so. But I dont fish in the combat anymore to much of a PITA for me. If you are going to combat just remember run everything short as to not get into others gear! My typical set up this time of year is 2 dipseys of side one at 3 and one at 1.5. 4 riggers at varied depths (again the water tells me what depth) I run sliders on 2 outside riggers. one lead down middle. all will have plugs spoons or flies as I dont fish a lot of meat. Sometimes I will remove my lead and fish 2 dipsey's straight off the back set a .5 or one but only if the flie bite seems to be hot on the other dipseys dont recommend until you got some legs on the water as it can be difficult to run 6 divers. But the above should give you an Idea and how I'd start. Again this is just me and how I run my simplest set up. with out getting into copper and multiple leads on planners and such these long lines are awesome but again personally I'd start with riggers, couple divers and one lead down the shoot, build from there. This is a grea site with many very knowledgable folks so you will prob get many dif answers. But alawys remeber what work for one doesnt mean it will for another.You will be the one to figure that out for your boat. Read read read and spend as much time doing it as possible ,thats the true answer. but some basics like above will give ya a start I hope! One of the absolute best ways to figure stuff out is hitch a ride or hire a charter off this site-- that one day or multiple day will pay back 100 fold!!!!Good luck
  17. Congrads on the finish and the overall weekend! Agree something has got to be done about the nets!!!!!
  18. Thanks for the detailed report! Greatly appreciated! Pics are awesome! Thanks again!
  19. Nice thanks for the report. Haven't seen many reports out of Muskegon as of late! Thanks again!
  20. Agree with Chris and Clyde, on flies I always use improved clinch or palomar because they are easy and seem to hold down tight with lrg # test 40 or 50# that flies require. On all other hooks/lighter lines I use the no name knot or as some call it (after berkly stole it) the Berkley knot great for smaller hooks and never fails if tied correctly! All of these are fast and easy!
  21. Agree with Creekerman! Combat fishing is a whole different game. I dont use my lite line set ups as mentioned before! cOMBAT GOES TO 25# floro leader 30# backer and I can usually manage to keep the fish where I need them. No # test is gonna stand up to the clue;ess run over cut off though! Happens every year! Just gotta deal with that in the war zone. Thats a big reason I rarely fish the combat any more I'll head out deep and play with the steel!!!! Room for days!!!
  22. I use 25# mono maxima chamellion and 20# seagar AbrazX floro for leader. For both lake and rivers Floro IMHO is a true advantage my catch rate over the years bore out that Floro for leader far out catches anything else. My flies are rigged with 40# floro. The only reason heavier line is used for flies is for the action it produces behind the flasher thinner diameters just dont produce the whip. I also run 12# floro leaders when straight spoons exspecially on clear calm days. 40 plus years of fishing experience and I garantee you smaller dia. lines and Floro hook more fish with the obvious down side of if you dont play them right you loose them! Stay away from the cheap a@@ floro all the big name brands ie. sten/ berkley ect. their floros are junk! I've used them all again imho seagar makes the best by far. One other note on seagar dont use the lines they sell as leader line they are weaker and stretch out, stick with their main line type floro for leaders for greater strenght, low stretch, super abrasion resistant (for a floro line)!But hey to each their own! If ya find some thing that works stick with it! Good Luck!
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