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  1. I'm glad too! Meat turned off for us Labor Day weekend spin doctor/fly combos and plugs are doing us well now
  2. 9 for 12 in 90 to 115 fow. Rigger with a 11" paddle and a mirage fly down 90ft was good for 4 fish, bubble blue fly with blue/white spin doctor down 60 was good for 2 fish, 350 copper with a green backed and white j plug was good for a 15lb laker, 200 copper was good for 1 fish with a uv wonder bread spoon, 110 copper was good for a nice steelie with a magic man spoon, and a mirage fly with wonder bread spin doctor on a braid dipsey back 175 was good for one. Lost fish were on a wire diver back 210ft with a green meat rig and uv green spin doctor, 200 copper with a wonder bread j plug, full core with green splatter back plug
  3. 4 for 8 in 85-90 fow. Four fish hit on 200 copper with a wonder bread j plug and landed 3 of those fish, caught one big laker on 300 copper with a green glo silver horde plug and lost 3 on riggers with a blue and green pro king down 45ft and a bubble blue fly with a blue and white spin doctor down 60ft
  4. 3 for 4 today within 45min, got out and started fishing at 6:30 and dropped lines in 80 fow first fish came on a "blue fairways" strong fly behind a blue and white spin doctor down 60ft on a rigger in 85 fow then as we were fighting that fish our other rigger went with a blue and green pro king with a strip of glo tape down 45ft in 87 fow. We boated both those fish then as soon as i put the fly back down at 60ft that went off again and we boated that fish and 5 min later the pro king down 45ft went off again both those fish were hooked in 90 fow all 3 fish big mature kings, then a pop up thunder storm pushed us off the lake. We had quite a flurry in that 45min only able to get 4 rods out the whole time before we had to pack it in.
  5. How long of a leader from my fly to spin doctor is best? I've heard so many different lengths I need one to stick to, I've been running them around 28-30in so what's the best length?
  6. Message me I would love to chat and share some info between each other.

  7. I'm 17 also but have been doing it since I was born. Run j plugs on riggers down 10-15ft around the piers when the fish start to run we also will put them on dipsey's too. Also short long lines like 150 copper or 3 color leadcore. Out farther this time of year when the mature fish are still out there we are using pretty much our regular "summer time" set up with 6 coppers/leadcores out, riggers and dipsey's but you sertainly don't need to run that many rods I only run 6 total when I fish out of my smaller boat. I prefer copper over leadcore they seem to catch us more fish. For beginning big lake guys i recommend to use meat rigs because they always seem to get bites. So be sure to run meat rigs and j plugs this time of year they will catch you bigger fish. Good luck and go catch some of those big boys!
  8. I meant that's how far we had it back my bad lol
  9. 4 for 5 today 2 kings 1 coho and 1 laker the kings were both on a rigger down 90ft the coho was on 350 copper on a yellow and red j plug and the laker on a wire diver down 220ft on meat. We set up in 80 fow and marked tons of bait but no fish, we hit our first fish in 100 fow and fished all the way to 170 but all fish but one came in 100 to 130, east wind made it tough to troll it was quite choppy out in 130 to 160, black/red meat rigs down 70' to 90' on a rigger have been hot for me lately.
  10. Thanks for the report! Marking any fish more shallow like 110-140?
  11. I go out whenever I can also, be sure to run meat. Good luck!
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