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  1. Ok thanks is there a specific size of rod for the Dipsey that y'all would recommend and any size for the 350 copper. Has to be big considering backing.
  2. Message me I would love to chat and share some info between each other.

  3. Thanks this is my 3rd year total and I run 4 riggers 2 led and a diver. I have had beat luck with my riggers some luck on the led but no luck on my divers ever. Any specific diver tips I Can get??
  4. Thanks any colors that you like using more than others or that seem to really turn the fish on? Also any tips for running divers I've had fish on led and riggers but none on divers.
  5. Thanks I have used hot n tots a lot in spring but haven't in summer or fall. Any other suggestions for a youngster just starting out??? I would greatly appreciate more feedback and tips Thanks Chris
  6. Any help!??? Hey y'all I'm 17 and am just starting salmon fishing. I go out of new buffalo and saint joe. If anyone has any tips and tricks they would like to share for the fall kings I would appreciate it! Thanks! Chris
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