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  1. Thanks. Hope to be out there on Friday and Saturday. Thanks for the report!!!!
  2. Thanks for the report. Hope to be out there Friday and Saturday.
  3. Is that the Holland cleaning station? Wow. What a catch!
  4. @Copilottruman If you invest in another boat for early and late season use, go outboard. I made the mistake going with an I/O. Not the best outfit for early and late season fishing.
  5. @Moby Chromer Checked out your site...nice. How about a cookbook? Even an on-line/on-site version could work
  6. @Copilottruman I've done well enough in past years during the months of Oct and Nov....usually 3-5 fish in a solo outing. Problem is finding the weather-wave conditions appropriate AND time off from work (full time). Didn't get out at all so far in Oct. this year. September has been traditionally the doldrums, but Oct. and Nov. can be decent fishing.
  7. I keep Salmon, Steelhead, and Lake trout frozen all Winter with considerable success. I skin all these fish with fillet knife, trim out the lateral line fatty layer, and soak at least 8 hours in kosher salt and water (not brine), rinse good, then partially freeze in vacuum seal bags with a capful of lemon juice added. Then vacuum seal them and freeze completely. Never have "fishy" problems when I use this method with fish frozen into the early Spring. I cook all my fish on charcoal throughout the Winter directly on the grill and on one side only. I like to baste my fillets in either; a) maple syrup and melted butter, b) melted butter and a lot of dill seed, or c) honey and lemon mix. No measurements...just mix ingredients to a thickened basting consistency. Usually cook a thicker piece of King Salmon for 10 mins. or thinner Coho fillet for 7-8 mins.
  8. Blessings on your hip replacement!!!!! Hope for a speedy recovery.
  9. The temp break I found was about 60-65 down, but the marks were all 20 and above, 40-45, and occasionally 95-106 down or so. All day long I saw one mark at 75 down, otherwise no where else in the column. Thanks for the reply!
  10. South Haven 9/2 AM to PM No good. Skunked first time this year. We started with lines in around 7:30 AM in 75 FOW. No marks. Trolled out to 105 and found a solid layer of activity at 40-45 feet down. Trolled south for a few miles tracking the same concentration of multiple marks and what appeared to be bait at 40-45 down with not a hit. That concentration spanned out to 113 FOW and in to 105...now where else. Occasional marks at 95-105 down and the upper 20 feet. Not sure what we saw on the screen, but the concentration was heavy and extended for a few miles from straight out, to north of the piers. Much more sporadic south of the piers. Anybody else see what we saw on the graph Fished continuously from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM with not a single hit. Didn't want to quit as we've taken at least one fish every outing since early Spring. What's with friendly fisherman out of South Haven? Hailed the friends over the radio for fishing reports most launches there...no feedback. Are the natives friendly out their????
  11. My understanding is that Gold Coast is closing? Might affect their tournament schedule?
  12. Must of been near you. Most of my time between 180 and 200 FOW. Fished from 7:15 AM to noon+. Caught one 8# King in 145 on way out. One 5# Steelhead in 195 FOW. No other hits. King on DR at 70 down with yellow Big Weenie flasher and UV yellow "Mustard gas" meat rig. Steelhead on 300 copper with Big Weenie UV Spotted dick flasher and matching meat rig. Done fishing until possibly August 4/5. And I have the week of August 7-12 off. Hope the weather is better in August than the last 2 years! Great catch. Much better than I did.
  13. I went from the EZ-steer to the python remote controlled steering system. I wanted to go to autopilot, but no option ended up being feasible for my boat. So I went to Python and have been using it all summer. I do a lot of solo outings...works great, I can steer remotely with the wireless FOB. It also works well with a duo on the boat. Both crew can work the back of the boat with no-one in the pilot seat. I'm glad I made the change!!! Cost a little over $700.00 Panther also makes a similar system
  14. 9 for 10 .... 7 Coho 3-5#, 1 Steelhead 9#, 1 Laker 8# Forecast was horrible and thunderstorms went over us on the way from B.C. to South Haven. A scheduled tournament had been cancelled due to weather. But there were other boats heading out. We decided to give it a try. Everything cleared. Turned out to be an ideal day. Put lines in the water at approx.. 8:30 AM on 120 FOW and trolled out to 140 at times. Most of the fish were caught in the first 1.5 hours (4 Coho and 1 Steelhead…all on DR hits). The rest extended through the day until we quit at 5:30PM…out as far as 180 FOW. Chased off the water by heavy dark clouds coming across from Chicago way. Success with the following: Green Dolphin spoon on Dipsy 170 feet back Blue-chrome Splatterback plug on 10-color leadcore Yellow Spin Doc with blue fly on DR 60 feet down Fuzzy Bear Jager Bomb on DR 60 feet down Black Spin Doc and red-clear UV meat rig 350 copper Live Wire Spin Doc and green-clear UV meat rig 350 copper 3 Coho on ProKing Jager Bomb on other DR….2 on free slider, other on terminal spoon (65 ft down). Had big rip on DR with Jager Bomb spoons but not home upon retrieve. Released one small Coho
  15. I used to go out of South Haven in my 15.5 footer with a 60 hp Mercury and 6 hp kicker to 200 FOW in calm water up to 2 footers without a problem. I'd recommend a radio and a smart phone with accuweather radar bookmarked to watch for what is coming.
  16. Thanks for the report. Went out yesterday morn....I work for a living so limited time. Tried same water early....no marks no hits. Went out deep 205 FOW ave. and took a solo limit of Cohos. Didn't want to go home with skunk. Used green dolphin, jager bomb, and HUD special spoons.
  17. I was told that the water was shut off to the cleaning station and the restroom building due to the construction. There was a lot of construction materials piled all around those units.
  18. Fish cleaning station is NOT open. The DNR guy there told me it will likely be closed for quite a while yet due to the construction that is going on there. Public bathrooms are not operating either. The pot-a-potties are there though.
  19. South Haven 4-22-17 AM Got a late start....about 9:00 AM this morning. But all the fish came between 10:00 AM and about 12:15 PM. Solo outing...couldn't find a deck hand. 4 for 4 all cohos in 180-190 FOW... approx. 2.5mph SOG. All on south troll. First was on a blue dolphin spoon on 3 color leadcore. The last 3 were all on downrigger with chartreuse spin doctor and dark blue fly at 65-70 ft. down. Quit at about 1:00 PM because waves started to come over my stern. Wanted to limit out...no go.
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