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  1. We were out in south haven the same morning and managed to get 1 laker we talked to a couple boats on the radio at 11 and they had nothing at that time probably why most people didn't report would be my guess
  2. Right on we weren't to far from you guys we were one of the last boat to come in last night thanks for your report
  3. I believe I heard you on the radio or someone calling for steelhead 1
  4. South haven 8/30 pm Left the harbor at 4:30 set lines in 60 fow north lots of marks but no takers fished out to 130 constantly switching directions with no luck after turning back on an east troll dr down 100 fired 3 times all lakers white uv flashed with a green fly we couldn't get anything else to go
  5. Soha 8/16 pm short trip Set lines at 8:30 pm in 100 fow before second line was in the water 325 copper with a wonder bread spiny and uv green meat rig took off screaming (12# king) as soon as that fish was on deck swr down 60 on center rigger with a uv paddle and showstopper meat rig launched and a new fisherman lost reset and before being able to turn around swr took off again with an epic battle ending with a 18# king pulled lines at 9:15 I'd say it was a successful 45 minute trip
  6. Soha 6/21 Pm Left out of port at 5 pm started in 120 on a north west troll lots of bait and marks but no takers trolled out to 190 and turned around first hit on a south east troll at 150 fow on dr down 50 on a mixed veggie spoon (coho) then same rigger and spoon again at 135 fow (coho) and a steelie on 225 copper with a monkey puke spoon in 100 fow finished the night 3 for 3
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