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  1. Shimano Cardiff 301A Left Hand Retrieve Casting Reel. $60. Text 616-706-4061 if interested. Purchased this new in May for a trip to Canada for jigging, but its suited better for casting bigger lures than what I use. The was this reel was designed is that the levelwind only works on the retrieve so it can be difficult to cast smaller lures or let jigs drop. Currently spooled up with 50 lb power pro. Comes with original box, instruction guide, reel schematic, and packet with brake parts.
  2. 1-2 with an 18 lb laker to show for it. Lost the other one. Trolled 90 to 220 and back to 160. Tons of bait in 170-205 fow.
  3. And the flip has flipped back. Water down 70 ft is back above 60 degrees.
  4. There should be a few salmon around by now. Grand River coho should be in the area too. Wish I would have done some other things the last couple weekends because I'm not interested in catching more trout.
  5. 100 yds isn't much, especially considering you can let out 25 to 50 yards of backing out to get the board away from the boat on some days. I would recommend getting at least 200 yards of backing on the reel somehow.
  6. Fished from 7:30 am to noon. 1-1 laker. Worked 90-150 fow.
  7. Fished 220 out to 290 and back. Got 1 12" coho. That's all folks.
  8. There have been decent reports from up north (not much on this site though). I haven't posted lately, but haven't been out much either. Hopefully the fish are still out chasing bait in the middle of the lake.
  9. Looks live Dreamweaver's Hellfire Double UV in the DW (Standard) size. https://www.dreamweaverlures.com/products/spoons/dw/dw1427duv
  10. Wasn't too bad yesterday. The weeds grow back quick though.
  11. I don't think those are all salmon. Got 4 lake trout in port Sheldon today on a 300 copper going 2.7 or 3.0 mph. No other bites.
  12. 17 lb mono is way too light. I use a segment of 30 or 40 lb mono behind the lead core/copper and then 40 or 50 lb braid.
  13. They're around. Fishing was really good for a number of boats south of and north of Holland yesterday morning - really early though. Full moon has the bite a little funny right now.
  14. Those are freshwater drum. File extension isn't working for you for some reason, but I've fixed the problem.
  15. Not much going on for the King Possible today. Went 2-3 (all lake trout) in 170 fow on divers back 250-300 ft with spin doctors & flies. Worked the pierheads for 2 hours looking for steelhead, but it didn't work. Water was COLD down about 5-10 feet below the surface. Lots of bait piles in 20-50 fow north and south of the piers.
  16. Use them! I bring both herring and alewives and run them on seperate rigs. If one is getting bit more, I run more of that.
  17. This is the part I ordered: Johnson Evinrude Trim & Tilt Switch Conversion Kit 176530 Control Do a Google search and see if it looks like what you need.
  18. Fished from 7 pm until 9:45. Went 6-9, with 3 decent fish. Started just north of the sliders in 95 fow and pretty much stayed from 95 to 120 fow all night. No troll direction was best. Actually did several large circles. Speed was best between 2.5 and 3 mph (varied a lot with currents as we were turning circles). 1-3 200 Copper with Moonshine Halfmoon Bad Toad (8 lb steelhead) 2-2 300 Copper with Silver Streak Mag Blue Dolphin (2 lb king, 10 lb king) 1-1 Regular Diver back 145 on 2 with 8" Spin Doctor Kevorkian and Glow Poofster Fly (19 lb king) 1-1 Rigger down 90 with 11" Coyote Double UV White Paddle and Poofster Fly (1 lb lake trout) 1-1 Mag Diver back 145 on 2 with 8" Spin Doctor Dragon Slayer and white/green glow fly 0-1 Rigger down 45 with Moonshine Bad Toad RV Wanted to fish into deeper water to do some recon, but didn't have time.
  19. Thanks for posting these. A couple more: Fish-On Bait and Tackle - Nunica (Grand Haven), MI Lakeshore Tackle and Firearms - Saugatuck, MI
  20. In terms of big fish, the wire divers consistently take big fish, but interestingly my biggest fish have come on riggers, or on random setups. Rigger with a big flasher fly down 90-110 feet have taken my two biggest fish, as well as a 2 and 3 color lead core fished sometimes 40 feet above the thermocline. Also flasher flies on long coppers at 3-3.5 mph. I often do use one of the lines on the boat to fish water where it seems odd to find a fish. Another thing, the big fish rarely hit during the early morning or late evening flurry. Often bite later in the morning, or in the middle to late afternoon.
  21. Went out and bobbed around in the chop for a few hours on Saturday evening. Mostly fished in 95-100 fow, and then worked in. Didn't want to venture any deeper due to the east wind. All action was in 95-100 fow at 2.2-2.7 mph south troll. 0-1 150 Copper Stingray NBK (Laker?) 1-2 Downrigger down 39 feet Standard Moonshine Bad Toad RV (Both kings) 2-2 Size 1 Dipsy Diver back 125-150 ft on 2.5 - Pro King White Dragon Slayer with Blue Fly (Lake Trouts) 1-1 Size 1 Slide Diver back 100 on 4.5 - Std Moonshine Halfmoon Green Jeans Also took the time to analyze my spreadsheet this year. I would have though my riggers had been taking half of my fish, but the caught fish have the following distribution: Riggers 33 (26%) - Boards Copper/Leadcore 48 (38%) - Divers 44 (35%). Based on the numbers though I think I've been getting hits at about equal percentage for each presentation. One thing I noticed is that I've been putting more fish in the boat using divers the last two years. That's a good improvement from the previous 3 years when I was only getting 15-22% of fish on divers. Lets know that I'm putting together a better spread. In terms of lures, spoons have taken 59%, and flasher/fly 37%, with body baits and plugs taking 4%. Not sure if I'll make out more than 1 or 2 times in June yet, but I'm planning on hitting the lake hard July/August, if the winds allow it.
  22. Another thing we noticed was the seiche at 6:45 or so. The channel was flowing into lake Mac at about 4 mph.
  23. Took a quick trip tonight. Lines in at 7 pm, last line in the water got hit at 9:30 pm. Enjoyed and awesome sunset and some good fishing. Fished from 150 fow out to 190 fow. Mostly fished in 170-190. North/East troll was best, but SW was good too. Went 7-7 with three nice kings, largest 15 lbs, 2 good lake trout 8&13 lbs, and an 15" king and a 9" king. Troll speed best from 2.2-2.6 at the ball. Hits came on: 1-1 Wire Mag Dipsy on 1 out 250 - Dragon Slayer SD and green/white fly 1-1 Wire Size 1 Dipsy on 1.5 out 250 (run on wrong side of boat?) Ha! 1-1 Free slider on rigger at 60 ft - stingray nbk 1-1 100 Copper and stingray orange tuxedo 3-3 Rigger down 55-60 - standard size moonshine RV Bad toad. Bigger kings all came on this one. Also found the boat launch full of spawning alewives when we got back. 6-8" size. Do your thing guys! (& ladies)
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