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  1. Now it's working! Good job! Thanks for the report.
  2. Nice job. Went out of South Haven for a few hours tonight, but couldn't find anything... except trout of course.
  3. Good job! Nice to hear some groups of kings are making it north.
  4. Nice job. The fish were still biting yesterday, and they were stuffed full of alewives.
  5. Definitely one of my better days on the water!
  6. Good day aboard the King Possible today. Final tally 20 for 22. Ended up with 9 lake trout and 6 coho in the cooler. Fished the morning from 7 am until 12 pm in 70 fow catching 9 lake trout and 1 coho. Divers occasionally touching bottom with spin doctors and flies (whites,yellows, greens) was the ticket. Had 3 lines in for lake trout and 6 rods for kings, but the kings weren't around or weren't interested. After bagging our laker limit, we ran to 150 and pointed the boat on a NW. Hit 175 and started getting fish. Got several more lakers and also quickly hit our 3 man limit by adding 5 coho. Chrome uv paddles with mirage flies on the wire divers back 200-250 were hottest, but 100,150,200 copper also took fish. Best fish was an 8 lb coho. Thought it was a king at first. Best speed all day was 2.7-3.2 mph. Speed changes triggered many strikes.
  7. Fished again this morning, but the fish appear to have moved out. Got 4 coho and only 4 bites.
  8. We didn't know we were dragging them along, but they weren't hooked bad and seemed lively, so we sent them swimming. They took off pretty fast.
  9. Fished 9 am to 3 pm. Went 6/10 with 2 coho, 2 12-inch kings, and 2 Lakers (4 & 8 lbs). Was fishing mostly 20-30 fow about 3 miles south of Saugatuck. 3 Color - Stinger UV mixed veggie: 1-3 lake trout. Mono planer board back 85-105, floating Smithwick rogue blue /chrome/orange: 3-4, coho, coho, king, missed 5-8 lb Brown at the boat. Slide Diver back 15 ft, mini streak copper spoon: 1-1 king. One color mini streak lemonberry: 0-1 something angry! King? Rigger down 50, dodger & orange spin-n-glo: 1-1 laker Good time for a first trip out.
  10. Sounds like a fun day on the pier. I remember when it was much more consistent fishing several years ago. I had a couple seasons where I got sick of catching 1 fish every 5 trips or so and pretty much hung up the pier rods.
  11. Whitefish do not count towards the salmon limit. You can keep 12 of them!
  12. Gotcha. I replaced the handle/lever this year on mine because the trim/tilt switch had shorted out. Cost about $80. If there's other issues it can get pricey quick!
  13. I did some quick searching and found the following setup for trolling inland trout or sockeye salmon: https://gonefishingnw.com/making-a-custom-wedding-ring-lure Probably not what you're looking for though.
  14. I don't have an answer about a replacement, but what's the issue with the existing controls?
  15. Update. I found a magnum version. Still don't know the name.
  16. I've used this mini streak to great success until the orange strip of paint wore off. Now it just sort of works. I want another one though, but I cannot find it anywhere. Any help? It had an orange strip with pink/white/yellow dots.
  17. Thanks. Looks like I'm busy tomorrow. Maybe Sunday.
  18. I understand some people have been putting the hurt on some lake trout in this area. Not too likely, but I might go for a boat ride tomorrow and was wondering what water the lakers are typically schooled up in right now. Any tips? -JDH
  19. I've done it on my 1993 70 hp Johnson outboard. When you run a 50:1 premix you need to keep in mind that it will be going through too much oil at low rpms or at idle. If I understand correctly, the VRO will run at 100:1 when at low rpms and will ramp up to 50:1 at full throttle. If you troll with the motor it may not be the best idea. When I use mine it's only at or near idle when I'm cruising out to the lake, but I run a kicker once I start fishing. Make sure to run it hard near the end of the day to clean any extra oil or carbon accumulated during idle or low rpm periods.
  20. I've run the 20's with 15 lb test line. I would run 30's with 20 or 25 lb test. I did install the dragmaster kits in them though.
  21. Are you running the divers off of the triple tree? If the angle is too high on the diver rod you'll have trouble getting separation. Diver rod holders are usually best just above horizontal.
  22. Post a picture of your rig when you get a chance and I'm sure more people will chime in! -JD
  23. I use Blacks releases. Used pinch release for about 3 trips back when I started and gave up on them quick. I haven't had a single problem problem with them. With regards to divers, you're doing something wrong. Not sure what though. Ask someone who looks friendly at the boat launch about your setup. Poor driving will tangle divers quickly though. Nice job getting into a few fish!
  24. Picked up 2 smaller kings 2-3 lbs in 160 last night. Fished from 5 until dark. Smaller spoons down 100 to 140 down.
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