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  1. Notes: 1. PLEASE TURN OFF THE WATER AT THE CLEANING STATION AFTER YOU'RE DONE. AT LEAST UNTIL THEY GET IT FIXED. 2. Alewives are in the channel and Lake Macatawa in huge numbers. Hunkered down near the bottom on our way out of the channel, jumping everywhere on our way back in. 3. No matter the forecast. If there's north wind involved its always bumpier than you would think. We launched late and it was starting to calm down, but took us a while to motor out to our spot. 4. If you're not marking any fish - move! Report: We started in 80 and worked out to deeper water. Graph was empty from 80-130 fow. Lots of 3 to 10 lb fish in 140-160 fow last night. Went 9-9 (8 kings 1 steelhead) in about 1.5 hours once we found them. Got dark, so we left. Glow spoons - mag & standards size spoons. Divers back 65-85. Riggers down 41 - 55. 100/150/200 Coppers. WNW/ESE Troll 3.0 mph.
  2. Nice job! Fish have spread out quickly. Not so many numbers the last few days
  3. It will probably change soon, but if you're going out again soon try fishing in closer. Fish have been shallower - 60-100 fow. 35-55 ft down .
  4. Won't be fishing down there tomorrow. If I was I would be looking in 90 fow+. 40-80 ft down.
  5. Mid 40s. I'm guessing the St Joe tournament will be an offshore deal this weekend. Warm water will push south tomorrow if the forecast holds .
  6. I'll redirect you to this post next time there's a two fishing day weekend!
  7. Due to the slow action in South Haven on Saturday, I decided to run south Sunday. Thank you Joe for joining me! Aftermaking it out of the pier heads around 7 am we set up in 45 fow outside of almost all the boats. We worked our way in and out to 70 fow with nothing and then shifted to a NNW troll to get to deeper water. Once we got 80 around 8 am, the dipsy fires and we got our first king of the morning. About an hour later the 100 copper fires and the slide diver fires. 2 steelhead, got the small one, but the bigger one got away. At 10 am we decided to make a change, so we pulled lines and ran about 6 more miles to the west setting up in 95 fow. First fish hit in 105 and then we had a ton of bites in 105-120 fow making big circles for most of the rest of our time out there. At first it was all kings with 2 about 18 lbs and 1 about 20. Then the lake trout started eating. We ended the day 16-18? Not sure because we let a bunch of lake trout go next to the boat. 6 kings, 1 steelhead and the rest lake trout. Everything from 40-110 feet down got bit. Most of the kings came on riggers down 60-70 feet with stinger uv spoons with yellow colors. Yellow tuxedo was hottest. Lake was glass calm. One smaller lake trout was stuffed with alewives.
  8. Not much going on. Worked 4-8 miles south of port in 40-60 fow. 60-80 fow 90-110 fow. and 150-180 fow Got a lake trout in 180 on a diver back 200 feet with a green uv 8" paddle. That broke the skunk as we were getting ready to pull lines.
  9. Started at the piers. Went to the state line doubling back a few times. Then around noon ran north and trolled back to the piers.
  10. Joe and Kelly joined me on this trip today. Had a great time. We fished 7 am until 2 pm. Ended up 11 for 14 or so with 10 coho and a shaker king. Almost all south troll. 2.5-2.9 gps. 20-30 fow. Smithwick Rogues (2-6 foot trolling depth size) in Orange/Brown on mono 50 ft behind boards, and Size 1 divers on 3 back 15-25 ft with orange coho dodgers and peanut flies did most of the damage, with a few other presentations also taking hits. Picked up fish from a mile north of the harbor down to the state line. Great shakedown trip. Everything worked and had everything on the boat we needed. Boat organization could use a little work though. -JDH
  11. I understood the "act of fishing" really only applies to commercial fishing.
  12. Double uni-knot for sure! I use that one all the time.
  13. Regular power pro in 40 lb and green has worked for me. I run mostly wire now - that is wire deep and slide divers up high.
  14. I've used herring oil during late July/August with some success. Haven't messed with scents though until July typically. Spring/early summer fish just seem to bite good enough.
  15. Welcome back. There is activity in the spring/summer. Dies down during the winter.
  16. Went 2-3 in 265 fow. Diver back 200 with a flasher fly took both fish. Lost one on a 200 copper. Coho & a large lake trout.
  17. Planning to head offshore tomorrow as the weather forecast is really nice. Will probably drop in at about 250+/- fow. Might go deeper. If anyone is also going to be out there, let me know. Or give me a shout on the radio - Channel 68, boat name King Possible. Supposed to be flat.
  18. 3-3 on Friday 2 coho and a big brown. Rigger down 65 Orange spoon, Slide Diver back 130 Orange plug, 200 Copper stinger orange killer. 100 fow. 0-0 on Sunday. Marked a few schools of coho on the side imaging. Fished channel to 50 fow.
  19. Upgraded my sonar this year with a larger unit. This unit comes with a side imaging transducer, Humminbird paddle speed wheel, and a power cable. $450.00 or best offer. Call or text 616-706-4061. Thanks for looking. Specs: 8" LCD Wide screen 800h x 480v, 16:9 color HD side imaging and down imaging sonar with Dual Beam Plus and Switch fire 8000 watts PTP power output GPS Chart plotting Built-in Humminbird ContourXD map Dual SD card reader
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