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  1. Great work Jimbobber! Nice to here they are biting. Makes me excited for this weekend.
  2. Great job! Good to hear it is turnin on out there.
  3. The steelie came in 89 fow, and the small king came in about 120. It seems as if it may be starting to finally set up out there. Tons of marks in 80ish fow, but unfortunately no takers other than that steelhead that crazy enough hit on an outside turn. Just makes me excited and wanting to keep getting out there! We cut that steelhead's stomach open and found tons of 2" alewives in its stomach.
  4. 2 for 2, one 10 lb steelie on a jointed Rapala J11 Bleedin Copper Flash on 3 color. Lucky to get that one in as it went air born and bent the front hook and split ring. One small king on a flasher fly (not sure of the color kind of a glow green). Apparently I need to run the fall high line program right now for steelhead.
  5. Thanks for the report Jimbober. Hopefully we will get on some fish now.
  6. 1 for 2. Both fish hit early- before 8 AM in about 90 fow. 1 10 lb king in the box on a flounder pounder on the braided dipsey. Lost one on a full core at the surface. We trolled out to 220 looking for them, but no more takers. Great morning to be out, but boy June is slow.
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