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  1. 1/5 last night fished 75 to 130 7 color with orange crush took steel head 300 copper went 3 times with jumpin steel and lost everyone. Dipsey on 1.5 back 165 with spoon lost a fish. Ended the night with a nice 5 inch alewife on a rigger spoon. Sorry if I'm a little vague on some spoon details but I think we tried everything in the box and I got a little confused and frustrated by the time we called it a night
  2. Fished 80 to 120 fow from 5 to 10 with Jared and was happy with 4/4 with 90 fow being best water. 300 copper with blue dolphin took a coho. Dipsey on 3 100 back with Carmel dolphin took coho. Wire diver on 1.5 with white blue spin dr out 165 took coho. Wire dipsey on 1.5 back 120 with flounder pounder took nice king. All fish came either east or west troll 2.7 at ball.
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