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  1. Beautiful. Great pic! That's a huge part to me of being out there; for the sunrise and the sunset.
  2. You are not kidding that storm was nasty! We were in the mud as well and got a nice steelhead on s 3 color and Moonshine Red Pepper spoon. We saw the storm coming and beelined it back to Port Sheldon. Got off the water just before the heavens opened up. That was our first time in the mud this year. Stinks about the weather as the fish were stacked in there.
  3. 1 for 1. Small good eater king on 300 copper, black and red meat rig(don't know the name), 170 FOW, around 6:45. Other than that a nice boat ride on a beautiful morning. I sure hope the fishing picks up out there soon.
  4. Great job! Nice to see someone found some fish this morning.
  5. Very cool video. Thanks for sharing. You sure can learn a lot from underwater footage. It's very interesting to see how different manufacturers spoons perform in the water and how the fish react to the action.
  6. Great work! Phenomenal fishinh for this time of year.
  7. Nice work! That is a great idea. I am especially amazed you got the trolling spead down though on that thing.
  8. Thanks for the report. Sorry you hurt yourself reeling one in.
  9. JVanderVeenen, that's a good thought to swith over to braid. May have to try that.
  10. Thanks for all of the replies guys! I'll try them. Fish on all!
  11. Thanks. Already using them and I don't like messing with rubber bands.
  12. Thanks Rob. Is there a special snubber or just the ones I run on my dipseys?
  13. Anyone using them? Will they help prevent my rigger line from snapping? As we have broke off 2 rigger lines in 2 years now, I am looking for a solution. Thanks
  14. Funny thing Mark but having less rods in the water after the cable snapped May have improved our fishing as we now had a wider spread.
  15. Well Saturday morning started out very frustrating and expensive but ended up good (fishing wise at least). Bye 10:30 we were only 1-3 with the one fish coming on a Moonshine Stripetastic on DR 90 down in 160 FOW and one break off on a dipsey 188 back with a Moonshine RV Happymeal (fish broke the line). We kept heading out West and got to 190, when snap there went all on the down rigger cable and the ball to the bottom of the lake. At this moment we were very frustrated and thinking about cutting our losses and heading back in. Instead I suggested we go back to the 165 FOW range and that's when the fun began. We quickly took a double with one on a Moo Moo Dream Weaver meat rig. The dipseys kept firing with one coming on a lemon ice regular size spoon (crazy coho wrapped the line and the spoon completely around its' mouth, bending the spoon (never saw that before). The other dipsey (both were braid dipseys) took 2 on a 11 inch green and white Fishcatcher with a green and blue fly. We ended up just circling back thru that 165 foot range and ended up 5 for 8, with 2 coho both nice size and 3 kings both in the upper teens pushing twenty. It was great to get out again as it had been weeks since I was last out.
  16. New Addiction, I finally got into running meat this year and like running it on 300 copper with DW meat rigs. Eastiest way is to get some Earie Dearie premium trolling strips and put them in a freezer bag with Fire Brine and leave in the freezer until you need them. I like the blue fire brine. I hope that helps. Good luck!
  17. Great work Kevin! Nice to see some fish being caught out there.
  18. Forgot to add that the fish was about a 12 lb king. Fought really good on that new 60lb 300 copper. First time running that rig for us. It was only in the water about 10 minutes when it got nailed.
  19. Well it was rough and slow out there this morning to say the least. We ended up 1 for 3. It was a good thing that we brought the coppers and the meat rigs as the spoons on the riggers never got a sniff. What worked: 1/2 on an 8in Hammer Time Spindoctor with a DW Moo Moo meat rig. 0/1 on an 6in Atomic White Killer Spindoctor with a white/green glow fly. Our depth was 130ish. Hopefully it picks up out there soon.
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