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  1. New Addiction, I finally got into running meat this year and like running it on 300 copper with DW meat rigs. Eastiest way is to get some Earie Dearie premium trolling strips and put them in a freezer bag with Fire Brine and leave in the freezer until you need them. I like the blue fire brine. I hope that helps. Good luck!
  2. Great work Kevin! Nice to see some fish being caught out there.
  3. Forgot to add that the fish was about a 12 lb king. Fought really good on that new 60lb 300 copper. First time running that rig for us. It was only in the water about 10 minutes when it got nailed.
  4. Well it was rough and slow out there this morning to say the least. We ended up 1 for 3. It was a good thing that we brought the coppers and the meat rigs as the spoons on the riggers never got a sniff. What worked: 1/2 on an 8in Hammer Time Spindoctor with a DW Moo Moo meat rig. 0/1 on an 6in Atomic White Killer Spindoctor with a white/green glow fly. Our depth was 130ish. Hopefully it picks up out there soon.
  5. Very nice work! I am sure that steelie put up a great fight. Thanks as always for the very detailed reports.
  6. Thanks for the detailed report. Great work on the fish DD.
  7. The plan was to target browns in front of Saugatuck and that's what we did. Fished from 7:30-12:00 and ended 5 for 5 after a slow start, 4 nice browns and 1 coho that had some growing to do. Here's what worked for the browns: orange J-9 Rapala on flat line with board 80 back, small bright orange spoon with black dot (make unknown) on 3 color, Limited Out coho fly behind size 0 fire dodger, stinger size watermelon spoon on riger 8 down 30 back. Beautiful morning on the water aboard Charlie Brown.
  8. Great 2 hours of work guys! Gotta love those River Rockers!
  9. What kind of yak do you have? Were all your fish caught casting or trolling?
  10. Thanks for the reply Nick. How much ice was out there and were you fishing by the bubbler?
  11. I am a big fan of the Silver Horde Ace HI II's and the Lyman wooden plugs. I can say we hardly run any Jensen J Plugs any more, haven't for years.
  12. The dock is still in. I can't believe how high the water is. Also, the fish was very tasty on the grill tonight.
  13. Great last trip out even if all we ended up with was one 5lb brown. It came on a orange/gold River Rocker on mono high line. It came on the first pass by the bubbler.
  14. Very nice! I am going to try to get out Saturday and will post a report.
  15. Fishrmac, we usually go out of Port Sheldon and occasionally Holland. It is my uncle's boat. Name is Charlie Brown. I am sure we'll see you or there.
  16. Got out at around 6:30 and fished until around noon yesterday to give it a try. Ended up getting skunked. Fished shallow, fished deep, threw the tackle box at them. Water is still way to warm to really concentrate the fish in shallow where we want them this time of year. Fortunetly we have many months to chase them out there yet. I will keep updating on how we do.
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