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  1. 1 brand new ( without box) Penn 310 trolling reel, great downrigger or swr reel. Asking $70 4 brand new (2 in box, 2 without box) Penn 320 gt2 reels. Great rods for lead core or cooper set ups. Asking $75/ each Can ship if needed, located in Grand Rapids..
  2. 21 pound coho? You have a pic of that? Sure it wasn't a king? Master angler coho is 12 lbs I believe!
  3. Nice work! Had similar results this week out of port Sheldon, just couldn't find them tonight. I went north, looks like everyone else went south. Great job!
  4. Fished out of PS last night, along with everyone else who owns a boat! I could not believe all the boats there when we arrived at 5:30, lot was full and a line behind me to get in... I guess I was not the only one waiting for a good night to fish with no wind! We went 8-11 with all nice kings and one steelhead, plus one small throwback. Low divers 120-140 back, riggers down 45-70 down, full core, 7 color, 5 color, all went. Best depth for me was 85-90 fow, had some serious marks at dark but rain started and the guys with me had no rain gear, otherwise I would have stayed a little longer.. Ran back to launch, and everyone had same idea! I was the ninth boat in line to get out, and at least 5 behind me.. Most boats I talked to had 1 or 2 fish, but I know there was boats out past 120 who sounded like they were getting fish. I don't have a fishhawk, but seemed like 2.9-3.3 sog was best for me, not sure on downspeed. A little note to many newbies- When pulling your boat at night in the dark, please turn your headlights off on your truck! Headlights mixed with rain made it hard to back trailer up- Just a little advice that keeps everyone happy! Plannign on heading back tonight, mixed emotions on weather- Either way- best of luck!
  5. Hey guys, first post, first time out for the year, and first time out of PS.. Went 6 for 10, started in 90 and headed west, hit nice coho in 115 fow on a free slider double orange crush with ball set at 62.. Trolled around for an hour without any more bites. Put it on a south east and missed another on same rig. Hit 100 fow and 300 copper with Mongolian beef went screaming back, then gone! Got into 80 fow and got 14 lb king on 5 color stinger jawbreaker, hit nice coho on full core with green lightning plug, big coho on agent orange free slider in 70 fow with ball at 45 down. Missed a nice fish on low diver while attempting to net a fish, by time I got to the rod it was gone. Hit another coho on a moonshine half-a- meal on a rigger 40 down. Last fish was a 18lb king on 7 color lemon ice. Missed another slider bite, can't remember that one My graph at dark in 65-75 fow looked like simulator mode, would love to make a north troll back through that but buddy had to get home.. Bait and fish everywhere. Wished we would have started there right away. Nice night to finally get out, flys we're terrible, fleas were not as bad as expected. First time I fished out of PS, seemed like very friendly radio chat with everyone willing to share info, hopes my report helps someone.. Looks like big winds for a few days.. -Dan
  6. New to site, will try to contribute as much as possible. Looks like a great group of guys on here, compared to some other forums. Fishing out of a 17 tracker when the weather allows. Sounds like fishing is starting to turn around and will gladly share my reports when available.. Thanks -Dan
  7. Thanks for the report, going to try it tonight. Tried on Thursday evening and broke the pier heads and turned around and headed for the dock. To rough for my rig. Hope you got your issues out of the way for the year.
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