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  1. Thanks for the report Jim. Great job on the solo trip!
  2. Welcome joe! You will find this is a great resource. I have only been fishing Lake Michigan for a few years and have picked up a lot of info from people on here. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Some one will have your answer.
  3. I am looking for a few Penn 209 reels. If any one has some they would like to sell let me know what you have and how much you want for them. Thanks
  4. Got a late start Saturday leaving the dock at about 5:00. The lake was flat calm which was great because I had a pile of kids on board. We started in 50fow marking a few fish but couldn't get anything going. Headed in a bit and found the fish in 35 to 40 fow. Ended up 2/3 with a 13 pound king and a shaker king. Both were on the riggers that were 20 down. One hit a UV mixed veggie and the other was a freaking veggie, both Michigan stinger. The one we lost was on a diver set on three about 50 back with a double orange crush. Nice fish but we never seen it. All in all not a bad first trip of the year.
  5. Thanks for the report. We're they all on plugs? Any color stand out?
  6. Set lines heading south in 85 fow just after 6 running mostly plugs and flies. Nothing happened for the first 30 minutes or so and then someone flipped the switch. First a diver went then a rigger followed by the 300 copper shortly after the first fish was landed. It was fast action until the sun got bright and then they shut off. We had 7 in the box in less than an hour. We reset all the lines and turned back north in 90 fow in front of port Sheldon. No action for an hour so I switched to meat. Picked up three more on the way back to grand haven. At about 11:30 it was getting rough so we started to pull lines. Picked up 1 more while pulling lines. Ended the day 12 for 12. 9 kings and three cohos. Biggest king was 17 pounds. What worked: Silver horde ace high wonder bread plug 2 fish Silver horde ace high green splatter back plug 2 fish Big weenie Lake O flasher fly 2 fish White paddle and fly 2 fish Dream weaver green paddle and meat rig 2 fish 10 inch blue and white SD with a blue meat rig 1 fish 10 inch white SD with a MOO MOO meat rig 1 fish All our fish were in the bottom 30 or 40 feet. Good luck this weekend!
  7. All of our 20 pound or larger fish have come on flashers and flies. A white paddle and white fly or a green paddle and green fly. We have taken several large fish on the Lake O big weenie flasher fly combo. Not trying to sell big weenie products, but this paddle and fly combo works well for us. http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/product.sc?productId=505&categoryId=72
  8. Those 20 footers are hard to clean but I have a really big knife.
  9. Set lines in 80' heading west at 6:30. Had two quick hits on a green splatter back plug on a diver 125 back set at 2. Lost one and landed a 10' king. When we hit 110 the 6 color with a white paddle and fly took a 21' king. Turned back in at 140' and trolled around with nothing for a while in the 110' range. At about 9:00 the three hundred copper with a green paddle and fly took a 20' king. On our way back in at 80' we had a double. The first fish was a 10' coho and the other was a 12' king. The coho hit a diver 150 back set at 2 with a wonder bread plug and the king hit the same 300 copper as the 20' king. Ended 5/7 with two 20 pounders. These big kings sure are fun!
  10. Thanks for the report. Good work on getting the big king.
  11. Set lines at six in front of the channel with everyone else. Tons of fished marked. Had two quick hits within 15 mins but then they turned off. Both hits were on a mixed veggie spoon on a three color. We lost both fish. Turned west and had a double in 65 fow. One 8lb coho on a white paddle and fly on a full core. One 7 lb coho on a three color with a mixed veggie. Trolled around for a couple hours with nothing until we started heading in. Picked up a 21 lb king in 90 fow on a full core with a white paddle and fly. Ended 3/5 on a perfect day for fishing on the big lake.
  12. Had a short trip tonight and ended 2/6. First fish was an 8lb king on a 3 color with a mixed veggies spoon in 90 fow. Second fish was a 7 lb king on a double orange crush on a 2 color in 100 fow. Lost two on a rigger 45 down with a blue dolphin in 100fow. Had two hit a chrome frog SD with a green fly on a 300 cu in 90 fow that we lost as well. We started a little after 6 and pulled lines at 8. We ran paddles, spoons, and meat down low but nothing would go.
  13. 11" white paddle and fly down low Chrome frog spin doctor with green fly (fat nancy) mixed veggie or double orange crush spoons on 3 color or 100 copper take fish for us nearly every trip. Usually steelhead but we took two 13# kings on the double orange crush on a three color last friday
  14. Set lines at about 6:30 in 90 fow on a south west troll. Picked up a decent lake trout in about 110 fow that hit a mixed veggie spoon 120 back on a high diver set at 3. About an hour later we got a small steelhead on a lemon ice spoon on a three color. Last fish, 6 or 7 pound steelhead, hit the same mixed veggie spoon as the lake trout. We lost two fish also. One on a low diver with a blue big weenie meat rig and one on the same high diver with the mixed veggie spoon. We had three releases on our riggers as well but no one home. We trolled mostly north and south and got fish in both directions. We had three guys from South Carolina on the boat who had never been big lake fishing before and I was hoping to get them a big king. Oh well they had fun taking pictures of the sunset at least.
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