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  1. We fished from the Dunes to Stoney Lake. Had a 5lb King hit a 10 color with a frosted veggies while setting lines. Then a 10lb laker on low wire out 135 meat rig. Not another bite until 8:30ish. Switched both riggers to spin and glow sets and got 8 more lakers. Most productive water was 135. Ran a 12 rod spread.
  2. The closest is probably Whitehall. I've heard there is a launch for small boats on the beach at Stony. I did see two little tin cans there so pretty sure it's true.
  3. Took the famy to Ludington by boat for vacation. We decided to set down at Stony Lake and fish to Little Point. Setting lines in 100 fow at 8:30. Took two bites right away. Then from 9-10:30 is was nuts. We could not keep the divers in the water. We ended the flurry at 6-10. The 3 biggest were 18,14,11. Lost 2 other screamers. Mostly a spinny bite. Awesome fishing!
  4. Had another good morning. Went 10-10. 2 shakers and the rest were solid fish. Biggest were 14 & 15.5lbs. 155fow was the best depth for us. Both bigger fish came on attractor fly combos. Chrome fish scale paddle with poofster fly and Double pearle glow spin doctor with green crinkle fly. All the other hits were spoons. Yellow colors seemed best. 40-80 down seemed to get us the action. That combined with bumping the speed to 2.9-3.1. Lots of steelhead jumping. If someone targeted them exclusively they woul clean up.
  5. Just talked with a bud that got me using that spoon. Dancing anchovy is the name. We took 4 diver hits, 1 free slider hit on a rigger set at 16 and one hit on a 5 color.
  6. Not sure on the name. It was one of the newer standard size RV spoons. It had 5-6 black dots with a blueish hue. I did charge it up before throwing it over the first time. But it caught fish mostly early in the trip. It was overcast when we started out. When the sun came out things slowed. Hope this helps. BTW none of the standard body baits took hits, which was odd to me. Pure spoon bite and only 1 on a long line. 5 of 6 hits within 40 feet of the boat in 30-35 fow.
  7. Fished our shakedown right in front of the channel. Finished 6-6. 4 browns, a shaker king and a king about 8lbs. All in all nice first trip. A RV moonshine was responsible for 3 of the fish. One on a green dolphin, one on blue alewife, one one pink alewife.
  8. Got all the lines set by 7 in 80 fow a little north of the channel. Immediately hooked up a steely on a green dolphin. It was the slider on a rigger set at 40. Got it reset and same set up fired again. Two average steelies in the box by 8 and off to a decent start. We trolled NW out to 200 and turned around to head S. we zig zagged south between 200 to 130 fow. We continued to pick away at steelhead. We ended the day 6-7. Biggest fish was a 9lb coho that came on a 3 color with Mixed veggies. That set up took two hits. Got one on a modified yellow dolphin while letting out the 300 cu. Both high divers set at 100 on 3 got fish. One was a mag kevorkian and the other was a blue alewife. Blues, greens and yellows seemed to be the ticket. The coho was stuffed so I opened him up to find he had three alewife in him. One was standard size the other two were super slims if that. Hope his helps.
  9. I apologize for not finishing this thread earlier. Just drove home and am I beat. We ended getting a 12lb king on a free slider at 11:30 in 144fow. The rigger was at 35, so he hit right behind the boat. He got into the starboard low diver immediately. We got him out of that and 5 minutes later he was in the port high diver. No way we should have boxed this fish. He was a tough cookie. Pretty tough fishing out there.
  10. 1 6lb steelhead boxes in 175fow on a 5 color with a double orange crush. Pretty slow.
  11. No fish. Out to 130. Just had 50lb power pro backer fail. Lost a 300 copper and board. My name and number is on it so maybe I'll get it back. I think the copper is in Davey Jones' locker by now.
  12. Fishing out of Muskegon this morning. As you can see I have time to start this thread, so no fish to report. I'll update every hour if possible. Currently we have an 11 rod spread. 3 riggers, 4 divers and 4 boards. Running spoons and flashers. We'll see!
  13. Rav- I've been out of Muskegon a lot this season and let me just say its been tough. The best advice I can give you is fish the first bait you find and stay with it. The fish are moving day by day. We got them in 165 one day and 50 the next. The water is super cold due to that big north blow on Monday. The next best piece of advice I can give you is fish for coho and steelhead. There just is not enough big kings around to mess with. Fish high in the column. Top 40 fow has been best for me. 2.9-3.1 on the GPS seems to be the preferred speed. Thin fins, green dolphin, mixed veggies, and Kevorkian have been the best baits in standard size. Orange is the best color for coho. Orange jointed raps as well as orange X-raps have caught some coho as well. I went against this advice Monday and fished deep for kings and got skunked. I won't try for kings again until I catch one by accident fishing coho and steelhead. Good luck!
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