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  1. you are right it takes me 3.7' of line out for each ft of depth. but the way I do it I get the amount of depth for each 10' of line I let out. its just simpler for me to figure each 10' of line out gets me 2.7' of depth. if say I want my diver to run at 65' depth then it would take 240' of line out or 24 tines 2.7 would give me 64.8' deep. it all works out the same its just how you do the math.
  2. I went to 50' of water with my regular lite bites and let out line until I hit bottom then devide feet out by 10' then devide 50' by the number you got from line out. with 65# braid it took 185' on a 4.5 setting to hit bottom. so I said 185 devide by 10 was 18.5 then 50 by 18.5 gave me 2.7 depth for every 10' of line out at 1.8 to 2.0 mph. you can do the same with the heavier divers.
  3. I got mine off ebay for 300.00 plus 37.00 shipping
  4. 36" is what I use on my 21' cobia with a 350 vortec motor and they slow me way down
  5. just measure the bags you have now like said below. lay them flat and measure them across the top then get bigger bags. just one set of bags can be a hassle to run. 2 sets of bags is just asking for unwanted hassles. I had only tried trolling with a set of drift socks about 10 yrs ago and didn't like them at all. so I stayed with my trolling plate until about 3 yrs ago. then I found a set of trolling bags laying in the middle of the road. im not even sure what size they are but I tried them and now use them. I have to throttle up just a little to run 1.8 to 2.0 which is the speed I run on eries central basin. you can find the amish beefy bags at erieoutfitters.com you can get the 36" bags for around 80.00. good luck and good fishing.
  6. I just had a raymarine smartpilot x-r5 with rudder sensor installed on my boat 2 yrs ago and it works off the steering wheel. its a good one for what it is but there are better units out there. but it does the job for me because I use my big motor for trolling and its got hydrolic steering. I had mine installed because im not very good with things like auto pilot. calumet marine in calumet city IL did mine for me and did a great job.
  7. I use the chamberlain for walleye and never have a problem with line twist. they work just like the blacks but have the 2nd adjustment for lure tension.
  8. i'll take the fish and you can keep the cooler, LOL. I already have a good cooler.
  9. I just cant believe how much these have gone up in the last couple of yrs. I just checked ebay for these and there priced from 900.00 to 1200.00 plus change each. how long have you had them? do you know if I can still register them with big jon for the warranty??
  10. I've heard the same thing about a dwi. so I just haven't ever tried. my dwi was back in 69. it wasn't if I was drunk or not we got stopped and had beer in the car. the dispatcher told the officers to bring us in. I was driving and charged with dwi. then on Monday morning went to court and the judge found me guilty. no tests were done to see if I was drunk. and no lawyer. it was the cops word against mine and I lost. so I have a dwi on my record from 46 yrs ago.
  11. this is a great site for sharing info and asking questions. welcome aboard.
  12. I think bags are really the way to go. I used a trolling plate for many yrs then tried drift socks and went back to the plate. then I tried the trolling bags and still use them. this early in the yr you want to go sloooow for eyes. about 0.8 to 1.5 with cranks. then speed up to about 2.0 to 2.5 as the water warms. when I switch to harnesses I like to run about 1.5 to 1.8 then when the water warms in the summer I like to troll about 1.8 to 2.0 with harnesses. sherman
  13. I like the single axis cannons better. you can make fine adjustments going from left to right in turning the holders. the double axis has pin holes and are harder to get them turned just right. but they are both great holders. if they had had the traxstech holders when I bought my cannons I would have spent the extra money for them. I think traxstech has like 18 positions you can use making fine adjustments up and down. seacatmich got a great buy. if it was in my budget I would switch out my cannon holders, and I love them. sherman
  14. I don't fish new buffalo any more. but back in the day we fished it from ice out until the kings started showing up in south haven. we used all types of cranks. I even put a couple of broken back rainbow trout down on riggers for kings. we did mostly shallow crank baits. we ran 2.8 to about 3.2 mph. we caught a lot of Coho's this way. good luck and good fishing. sherman
  15. I have a 16' tri hull open bow boat. I was down in fl visiting my sister and brother n law. when we went fishing we had about a 11 mile trip on the interstate 95. so I kept the life jackets in the trunk of my car. one trip out about 150 yards I noticed we didn't have them. I turned around went back and got them and put my auto inflate on and away we went.
  16. don't feel bad. we got all the way up to Geneva ohio and found out we didn't have our depth finder/gps. its a 350 mile trip each way. so my son loaded up and went and got it. we would just be fishing blind without it. we forgot our knives one trip. we went to wall mart and bought some carving knives. they worked better than our fishing knives. now we just pay to have them cleaned.
  17. I will let you know. but im pretty sure he wants them. but he is paying by money order so I wont know for sure until I get the money order. sherman
  18. thanks for chiming in ryan. I didn't know just how much line was reeled in per crank on either reel. and what I did was switch out the paddle handle for a power handle. the power handle for the 27 and the 47 will fit the 17. I found the power handle on line for 9.99 each but I don't remember what site I was on. but you can contact tuna toms and usually get a better price on more than one handle. sherman
  19. hey frank good of you to chime in. the 27's has a 4.2 to 1 gear ratio and the 17's has a 5 to one gear ratio so the 17 should be plenty fast enough to bring in boards. but I use my 17's for divers and downriggers and flat lining so I couldn't swears the 5 to 1 ratio would work just as good as the 27's with the 4.2 ratio. the 17's has worked great for me and I love the small size for fishing kids and women on my boat. they just fit the hands better. sherman
  20. i'll pay shipping on rods and reels. that will leave me less than I paid for the reels. I paid 40.00 each for the new rods so your gettibg the reels for 35.00 each.
  21. couldn't find a hot deals forum so i'll post this hot buy here. I found these reels on ebay for 86.88 with free shipping. this is a great buy for someone wanting to upgrade or someone just starting out. these are a great mid range reel that normally sells for around 109.00.
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