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  1. I don't think it will get done in my lifetime for me to fish for them but maybe by the time my grandson gets older he will have the chance to fish for them. im a firm believer in restoring our endangered fish that once roamed our waters. there is so many lakes across the country that wouldn't even have walleye if not for stocking programs. and some of those lakes has become self sustaining.
  2. I have 2 new great lakes 47 lc reels and okuma glt copper/leadcore rods 75.00 each. both reels were spooled with backing and 300 copper but they were to full so I stripped it back off. would make great 200' or 250' or leadcore rigs. you pay shipping for rods and i'll pay shipping on reels. or pick up in Muncie in for 130.00 for the pair.
  3. 70 degrees yesterday, fort pierce fl. I decided to go on an ice fishing trip to fl. I even brought my 16' tri hull boat to use for a sled. it did get down in the low 30's a couple of days but the weather and fishing has been great, LOL. now to get real. my sister and brother n law lives in port st lucy fl and we came down for the month of feb. the weather was so bad at home we decided to spend another few weeks and then were going to have to go home.
  4. if it gets to bad you can always do what power pro said and switch to braid. you can find 200# braid on ebay pretty cheap.
  5. I used riggers for salmon and run 2.5 all the way up to 3.5 and the hum was just part of salmon fishing. now I use 2 riggers on erie for eyes and run 1.8 to 2.0 or that is my target speed. I use the 13# pancake weights now. and I don't think I even get the hum. maby I've just gotton over it over the yrs, LOL.
  6. its been so long since I fished for salmon in lake Michigan and all the new tricks to catching them I would be of no help to you. but if you fish erie I might be able to help. to start with on erie you might want to try jig fishing on the reefs from ice out until you quit catching fish. then you start slow trolling cranks at the areas that gets posted. you can speed up a bit as the water warms and even try some harnesses. I have fished the western basin up through july. but now I do a little jig fishing with a friend then I quit until the bite is on in the central basin. I fish out of Geneva and over to bula. I fish with 6 lite bite slide divers, 3 on each side. im usually fish in about 65' to 74' of water. got to go ice fishing here in sunny fl. (its been raining off and on all night, LOL. WELCOME ABOARD
  7. the only copper I have ever used came with a braid backing so I used about a 50' mono backing to keep the braid from slipping on the spool the just put the braid to the mono and reeled the braid and 300' of copper on top. the 55 should be big enough to hold this amount of line without any problem.
  8. yea, even if you buy the cheapest gear on the market rigging a boat gets expensive. and worse than that just a few yrs later your upgrading and wondering why didn't I get the good stuff to start with. I have daiwas on my boat and they are serving me well. now if I had more money than I knew what to do with I would probably try the tekotas if my daiwas ever fail.
  9. hey guys I already got the message that he was comparing then to the price of the okumas. cut me a little slack. im human I make mistakes ok.
  10. you are about right on the price. I did a little more research and found the capt pack at amazon.com for 529.00 each. I don't know why ebay is so dern high. they had them priced from 742.00 to 799.00. go figure. if his is like new condition then 400.00 each you would still save 129.00 each.
  11. do these have the auto stops? I cant believe what a set of these cost new. I have 2 with the auto stops and love them. am thinking about adding 2 more. and they are selling for almost 750.00 each on ebay.
  12. nothing personal but I don't think you can get a 45 convector and rod for 37.50. but if he can he has my blessings.
  13. I yried to pm you but for some reason it wouldn't give me the option when I clicked on your name. but I do have 2 reels that I bought to run 300' of copper but they just wasn't big enough for 300' but would be perfect for 200. right now I cant tell you much about them because I am in sunny fl and the reels and I will give you a good price on them are in Indiana. but they are nice reels. I also have 2 brand new rods that are made to run copper. i'll take 75.00 for each set if you want the rods. and we'll have to split the shipping. I think the reels were new when I bought them but I just don't remember. I think they are 47lc daiwas but don't quote me on that. when I get home I can tell you a lot more about the rod and reel. you can email me at [email protected] if your interested. sherman
  14. yep I was 19 back in 1970. hadn't got my hot ford yet, but I had a nice 65 Buick grand sports it was black with chrome wheels and black interior. it came out with a 401 4 speed tranny. but the guy I bought it from had blew the engine and tranny. so he started putting the motor and automatic transmission out of a 69 Buick Riviera. I don't know what size motor but it ran pretty darn good. I put a hurst automatic shifter in it. if you just looked inside it looked like a 4 speed. I also had to figure a way to fasten the motor down because the stock motor mounts didn't work. so we got a 351 ford mount in it but they kept breaking. so we took a chain and fastened it down. oh no, my wife just reminded me that I had owned the 62 ford first then the crank broke in the 406 I had in it. I was racing a 67 ford fairlane with a hopped up 390 in it. I thought the engine had blown. so I took the 406 out and put a 352 in it and sold it when I bought the buick.
  15. I have to say I like your posts. I owned an old 62 ford galaxy with a 406 3 deuces with 405 hp from the factory back in the late 60's and it had been worked on just a little bit. it was a heavy car but it still ran pretty good. it had been bored out 30 thousand with johns pop up pistons and had a nascar 427 cam and I cant remember what lifters and valve springs but they were made for racing, then it had an aluminum high rise with 3 deuces. it ran pretty good for a family car. your post is pretty special to me it brings back some real good memories. I don't have the money now to have a hot rod. but if I did it would be a mustang Shelby super snake with 750 hp or the new dodge challenger hell cat with 707 hp from the factory. it would be pretty nice to just own a new mustang gt with the new 5.0 450 hp from the factory. and then maybe slip one of those super chargers that just bolts on top of the engine. pure stock with street tires its running the lower 12's. so keep on posting about the muscle cars both the old ones and new ones. just my opinion. sherman
  16. the only experience I've had was an old heavy Cherokee 18' aluminum boat that I used a lot on the western basin. when I moved to fishing the central basin I moved to a 21' glass cobia. they were both open bow boats. I think the glass is a much better ride while trolling or while running. but then the glass boat has 3' on the aluminum boat. but the aluminum boat just seemed more like a big bobber when trolling. it rode more on top of the waves whereas the glass boat gives a much better ride. as for the ride the aluminum boat seemed to ride higher in the water and was just pounding the waves. my glass seemed to set a little deeper than the aluminum boat and seemed to cut the waves better than the aluminum boat did. my 21 ft glass boat with a 19p 3 blade prop didn't want to plane off very good when loaded for erie. we had 4 adults and 2 kids and 2 downriggers and 2 13# weights and 4 batteries in the back of the boat and all our fishing gear and coolers 1 for fish with 2 bags of ice and then the cooler for sodas and food, so we were loaded. so I put a 19p high five five blade prop on it. it got a much better hole shot and would stay on plane at slower speeds. someone stole my high five prop so I looked on ebay and found a 17p high five and it worked great. it was a 13 1/4 x 17 then I looked for a spare and found a great price on a signature 5 blade prop. it is a 14 1/2 x 19p. I had to cut down the little trim tab anode to make it fit but I liked it better than the high five, it runs a little faster and gives me better boat control and still jumps out of the hole.it turns my motor at 5000 rpm's. but I think the aluminum boat still makes a great fishing boat. it is lighter and usually tows better than glass. and I believe the aluminum will do better on gas on the water over a glass boat. if you can take a ride in both boats and you decide which one you want to fish 3' to 4' waves. I just prefer a glass boat for fishing erie. but then that's just my opinion. either one will serve you well. for some things the aluminum is better. on the other hand I believe there are other things that the glass boat is best. I could be wrong about this but if your talking a 25' to 27' boat then either one should serve you well. I think its going to come down to personal preference. take the pro's and the con's of each boat and take a ride if possible then decide which one you think will serve your needs the best.
  17. its down to 1.81 here in Muncie but I seen it for 1.74 up in gas city with cash only.
  18. gas prices aren't as good here as in grand haven Michigan at 1.66 a gallon, but I did fill up my car for 25.00 at a 1.86. at this price or lower im planning on doing my ice fishing in ft. pierce florida the month of feb. right now I even plan to take my old 16' tri hull boat to use as a sled, LOL.
  19. yea my f350 superduty crew cab only gets 12 mpg and that's highway miles. but it keeps begging for some of this cheap gas, LOL. gas is down to 1.86 now. its going down faster than I can keep up with, LOL.
  20. gas is down to less than 2.00 a gallon here in Muncie Indiana. I found it for 1.99 a gallon. I read on another forum that gas was down to 1.74 in Toledo ohio. they are saying that the price will hit 1.50 by mid summer. what are your thoughts on this. I should be able to make more trips to erie if the prices stay low through next summer. its a 700 mile round trip for me to go to erie in my old motorhome which only gets just over 6 miles per gallon. at 3.65 it costs a fortune in gas but at 1.50 it wont be so bad. then it was costing around 80.00 to 90.00 per day trolling. a 1.50 would make a big change in our trolling costs. good luck to you all next season.
  21. just get a set of the daiwa sg27lg5 reels or what ever size your looking for from cabelas and a set of daiwa wilderness trolling reels from fishusa.com and you'll be very happy with this combo. I use the older daiwa sealine sg17lca because there all I need for the central basin of lake erie. but for wire or copper you'll need the bigger size reels. I did replace the paddle handles with power handles on my 17's and love them. but if you salmon fish you might want the sg27lc5 reels. I fish with my daughter n law and my son and there kids and they just seem to handle the smaller 17 size reels much better than the sg47lca reels I once used.
  22. what loads do you use with your mzl and why?? I use a cva v2 mzl and shoot 3 50 gr pellets of t7 with a 250 gr slickload from cva. I just like the groups I shoot with this combo. I did open up the flash hole just a little to get a better flash to the t7 pellets. so I get some blowback and gets the breach area pretty dirty, but it cleans up good with just a damp cloth.
  23. that's great news for the guys that's going to be fishing a few yrs from now.
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