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  1. thanks for the reply. so its the old lake trout setup I ran 20 years ago. Guess somethings are still the same just a different name.
  2. Ok can someone please explain to me what a pumphandle is and how to set one up??? Also how to deploy it
  3. Ok I have my Lund 1775 impact equiped with a 115 4 stroke merc and a 9.9 pro kicker four stroke. It does seem to hang a bit low in the water with the 2 motors on it. Would i be smart to add some weight to the front end of the boat to offset this? If so how much? Thoughts anyone?
  4. Ok I have a lund 1775 impact with my 2 riggers mounted on trax. I have been running a 8 lb ball as they suggest but the blowback is bad. My question has anyone run 10 lb weight with this kind of a setup. Have cannon manual riggers
  5. The downriggers are cannon easi troll. the problem is they are mounted on a lund 1775 impact with trax mounts. The mounts say 8 lb weight ball max so no downriggers issues themselves as the cannons are 1 yr old as is the boat
  6. I am having lots of blowback on my 8 lb downrigger weights, max weight I can run, round balls anyone have a better option to reduce blowback? thanks
  7. well I do have a new 90 merc four stroke on the back along with a new merc 9.9 kicker:grin:
  8. Ok I am looking to restart fishing lake Michigan. i have a new 1775 lund impact. Would like some opinions if this boat is large enough to fish the 100-150 foot depths or is it a risk to go out with a boat this size. thanks in advance
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