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  1. this is the first time I've heard of a 7 oz weight. if you want something that heavy you might want to contact eric. the weight set I got has a 2 oz and a 4 oz weight. sherman
  2. you can use a longer leader and put the slide diver on your leader then when it trips it will slide down the leader to a barrel swivel you place a couple of feet from you lure.
  3. any time will usually work for me.

  4. I used the happy troller for years on outboards and mercruisers and it worked ok until I took off with it in the down position. it bent so bad we had to quit trolling and fish for perch. when I got home I put it under my old motorhome and set a 10 ton jack on it to fix it. then I got an easy troller and its hinged about half way up and is spring loaded. I took off with it down one time and it worked like a charm. it didn't bend at all. but this last summer I used bags and do think they work alittle better than plates. I have tried using buckets and they just didn't slow me down enough to do any good. I still have the easy troller on my mercruiser but I plan to use the bags. I was asking about the Volvo outdrive for someone else. I didn't know if it would work with the easy troller or not. thanks guys for all your replies. sherman
  5. can anyone tell me if the easy troller trolling plate will work on a Volvo penta outdrive??? sherman
  6. yea what frank said. if it can go wrong it usually does. someone at some point could hit the up button on both riggers. so like frank said, use a large enough wire to run both riggers and not worry about it. sherman
  7. congrats to the both of you. I remember well both my sons 1st deer. my oldest son is one of those people you put in a car and he goes to sleep. the evening he shot his deer we had a 120 mile drive back to the house. he never shut up for the whole trip. and didn't even get close to going to sleep. he was really pumped. my other son was pumped but just not like my oldest one was. your memories are forever. sherman
  8. first off let me say thank you to all our service people. I served my country from 72 until 76 and an proud to have been a marine. I never could understand why so many people get off work for veterans day and the real vets have to work. I worked in a factory for most of my life and always had to work on veterans day while others that have never served in the military got this day off. I think if they are going to have a day to honor vets they should give them the day off and keep offices and banks and such open. thanks for letting me post my opinion.
  9. im with rascal on this one. I used manuals for many yrs, just couldn't justify the cost for electrics. after cranking them by hand for 30+ yrs and then going to the 13 lb weights and getting a little older I invested in some new electrics. I haven't looked back except to kick my behind for waiting so long. I would never have another manual if fishing anything over 30' LOL. sherman
  10. I used 13# pancake weights on my sportsman electrics. I did have one that the breaker would trip on at times. I would just wait a few seconds and reset the breaker and I was good to go. I now have the pro tournaments and use the same 13# weights. sherman
  11. keep putting in the time and hopefully you will get your chance. that is a nice buck. congrats to your friend. be sure and post when you get yours. sherman
  12. if I already had the 2 extra riggers I would mount them and let the fish tell me what to use. I am a firm believer that having it and not needing it is much better than needing it and not having it. as long as you have some place to store them or if there not really in your way I would mount them and have them ready to go. I fished the central basin in a 28' sea ray with a 10' beam. and it just got to be to much trouble trailering it 700 miles round trip. but I had 4 big jon pro tournaments with the slide mounts so I could remove them in seconds. but when I quit using it and started using my 21' boat with a narrow bean I just mounted 2 of the riggers on the smaller boat. just didn't have room for 4, and it was rare that we used more than 2 riggers. so I sold 2 of my riggers but if I was still using the bigger boat I would have 4 riggers on it. sherman
  13. I guess I am on another page I have found them very helpful in the past. I guess it just depends on what you need and who you talk with. sherman
  14. from what I've been able to find out it is a new ohio state record caught off Geneva ohio and weighed in at 14.675 lbs. this isn't anywhere near the 41.8 fish caught out of lake Michigan. but its a nice brown for lake erie. and im still not sure about the facts, this is just what I've heard. sherman
  15. this isn't the cheapest way but you can go to auto zone and get there cheapest universal fuel pump they have. then just get some extra rubber gas line and hook the pump to your gas line and pump it out. the times I have had to pump gas out of cars to change the fuel pump. and someone put sugar in my boat tank once and I pumped it out. but use 2 long wires and place the battery away from where your working and wire a toggle switch in your wire, then you can turn it off and on as needed. if you have metal gas lines you can just use a piece of rubber gas line on the pump and go down your fill spout. or you can use a small pipe cutter and cut the metal line then splice it back together with a piece of the rubber gas line. this is just an opinion and not the only way to get the job done. sherman
  16. I've been hearing stories about a new state record brown trout. I don't even know if its a ohio or Michigan fish. has any of you guys heard anything about this fish?? thanks for any info you can give me and maybe the story behind the story. sherman
  17. back many yrs ago I mounted wood. I just used treated wood and painted it but I think an oak board painted would actually last longer. I just mounted my board to the rails with u bolts, this worked good for me as I used my boat for playing in the water a lot. and could remove the board very easy when we went to play in the water. but the aluminum sounds pretty good that 1 mainiac mentioned for a more permanent installation. sherman
  18. try some shorter leads. I have had good luck with leads as short as 9 or 10 ft off the balls. I just feel it gives the spoons and plugs a better action in close. now there are times when longer leads are needed but don't be afraid to try some short leads. sherman
  19. I use black now but I have used red and just plane lead and I never noticed one doing better than the others. unless your using very short leads I don't think the color would make any difference one way or the other. on short leads it might make some difference but I have never noticed it. but then I do like black because it is a neutral color. LOL. sherman
  20. I would guess a school of salmon feeding on a school of baitfish I would troll just at the top of the marks. sherman
  21. they've described sliders pretty good but if your wanting a stacker then chamberlain has the best stackers I have seen so far. they are made to release on the cable when they hit the end of your downrigger boom and just slide down the cable to your main release. and I also use chamberlain releases for my main release. I set my stackers anywhere fron 5 ft to 10 ft above my main release. you can put them anywhere you want them on your cable then just lock them in place. then when your bringing your ball up and the stacker hits the end of your boom it will release the lock and it just slides down your cable. you can check out the chamberlain releases at downriggerrelease.com and watch the video. sherman
  22. I am a total dummy when it comes to electronics so I just use mine for trolling and I wouldn't sell it for twice the money I paid for it. its really nice to not have to do anything but watch for boats. and the controller is just awesome if you want to change your heading a little to dodge another boat you just turn the knob and change your heading. I change my heading 10 degrees at a time this gives my lines time to straighten up before changing another 10 degrees. we used ours for 2 weeks up on erie running around 2 mph and the only time I drove while fishing was when we picked up and moved back to our starting point. calumet marine did a great job installing and calibrating my unit for trolling at slow speeds. sherman
  23. I just had calumet marine install my raymarine spx5 with p70 controller and I troll slow for erie walleye so I had the rudder sensor installed to. I don't think it works hardly as good as a good driver but it does do its job. we just spent 2 weeks on erie and it did all the driving for us. we run lite bite slide divers and run 3 on each side and in rough water we did get a few tangles letting our divers out. but I would recommend it to anybody wanting a reasonable auto pilot. I think I paid 2300.00 for the complete unit then around 400.00 for the install. and they did a great job on my boat. good luck. sherman
  24. I have the ones with the pvc pipe that goes over them. these work real good on my boat. they stick up about as hige as my boat. I like them better than anything else I've seen. sherman
  25. I use 6'6" whooping sticks from cabelas the ugly stick should work good. the reason I like the short rods is I run 2 riggers 1 off each corner then run 6 divers 3 off each side. it just makes it easier to take my diver rods up and over the short rigger rods. but I am fishing for walleyes. I see no disadvantages to using the shorter rods. sherman
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