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  1. Neither Ric nor I had much experience with this type of fishing, but we thought it'd be fun, so we gave it a go. We'd slowly move along looking for fish near bottom with a watchful eye on the graph. When we'd mark a good fish, we'd stop the boat, and drop our jigs. Most fish were in 80'+ of water. Our lure selection included various heavy jigs like Swedish Pimples that weighed at least an ounce. For rods/reels we used typical bass style levelwinds loaded with braid- no stretch is important when fishing deep! Here's a video of the trip. Enjoy! 4gZBfVJE58I
  2. It's finally almost big water season! I've spent the winter doing a little ice fishing, and quite a bit of steelheading. This video was shot last week. One of the last steelhead trips I'll do this year. I can't stand the crowds that the spring run brings. Anyway, enjoy the video!
  3. On Saturday I made the run over to one of our well known walleye lakes here in NW lower Michigan. I set tip-ups along a gradual breakline looking to intercept hungry walleye moving in to feed as the sun set. For bait, I suspended 4" shiners (blues) a few feet off bottom, from 20' to 50' of water. Here's how it all went down. ydcfFkIi_kw
  4. Thanks guys!! Yeah, most are. I personally own a Hero 2. A few of my buddies have original Hero's that we use a lot too. Some of the more recent pheasant videos I've uploaded are shot mostly with their Hero's. You can tell a slight difference in quality, but not much.
  5. I arrived at the river shortly after day break. This was the first day in over a week where the temps were forecasted to break 20 degrees. I seized the opportunity to put in some river time. Expecting to have the place to myself, I was surprised to see quite a few fisherman already there. Working my way around them, I soon discovered the river was very, very low. The lowest I'd ever seen, in fact. I fished my way over to a deep 'cut' where I knew a fish or two usually liked to lie in winter. Little did I know, the low water level stacked a good sized pod of fish in this little spot no bigger than a suburban. Watch what unfolds. te1YpuPtztU
  6. Sorry for the delayed response, I just now noticed this! Thanks for the compliment. I'm a big fan of your work as well! The ice is here, just not very good. Been steelheading instead!
  7. No problem Jason! Just don't forget your blindfold...
  8. Thank you! This was shot on the east side of TC. It seems there is safe ice anywhere north of Cadillac now, so Boyne should be a good bet.
  9. When I arrived at the shallow weed bed, I dropped my transducer into the water, and I immediately began marking fish. I was fortunate enough to catch a feeding frenzy underway. Needless to say, it didn't take long to hook up. On this particular day, the fish were equal opportunity feeders. They'd hit a plain minnow suspended under a slip bobber, just as well as a plain jig tipped with a maggot. I ran both, and both got clobbered. Oddly enough, I caught the biggest bluegill of the day (11") on a minnow, and the biggest crappie came on a spike. I was set up over 9 feet of water. Most of the action came only 4' or so under the ice. The water was so clear in this particular lake, that I could peer down into the water, and see the fish take my bait. Pretty cool to say the least! Enough storytelling. Let's get down to business! hTF5Cg4uzSY
  10. We made another pluggin' run this past weekend. When we launched the boat at sunrise, the temperature was hovering in the low teens. Combined with the wind, and we had some brutal conditions to fish in. The bite was far from "on." We only had a handful of rips, but we made the most of them. Well, at least tried to make the most of them. You'll see what I mean.
  11. I finally had a chance to test out an idea I had to film some sight fishing bluegill action. Let me know what you think!
  12. Ric and I seized the opportunity to kick off the 2012/2013 winter plug pulling season. We had his sled floating by 8 am. The conditions were pretty darn good for December. Overcast, 30 degrees, with light winds. The river was on the drop after a major snow storm pushed through, raising the water 50% above it's normal winter flows. We were hoping to intercept some fresh runners from the big lake into the system. Here are the highlights. Let me know what you think! V6KZ_9D7Wi0
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