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    married 33 years and still loving it. Former USAF chaplain
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    grand haven
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    fishing hunting completing my honey do lists (sigh)
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    financial planner/investment advisor

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  1. Hi guys, These seats are original to my Slickcraft 235 and I'd like to nurse them along if possible. Can these rips be repaired by somebody who know what they're doing (AKA not me)? I live in Grand Haven. Thanks, Chris
  2. Hi guys, Been reading posts for a while now and thought I'd start one of my own. I just bought a very nice 1972 Slickcraft 235, Ford 302 with Alpha 1 drive. Surveyed out great before bought it. We want to rig it out for salmon, and I wondered how guys that have this boat ended up mounting their riggers or rails. Attached is a picture of the transom corner of the boat. Thanks in advance, Chris (Grand Haven)
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