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  1. wanted Swap Meets?

    Thanks. I'll keep it in mind.
  2. Swap meet

    Hello Larry, Please sign me up for a second table. Thank you, Eric
  3. Swap meet

    Please sign me up for a table and provide street address for location. I'll be coming from SE Michigan. Thanks, Eric
  4. Swap meet

    Where and when is the swap meet? How big are the tables? I want to sign up. Thanks, Eric
  5. Swap Meets? Are there any swap meets scheduled for the near future? Please let me know when and how to register to sell my tackle. Thank you.
  6. Sub-Troll 900 Manual

    FYI Apparently Subtroll has gone out of business. However, the former owner attended the LOTSA Show in Niagra Falls last weekend and announced that he still carries parts and does maintenance on the units.
  7. I may be interested in your boat. Where are you located? Eric [email protected]
  8. for sale Ray 60 Marine Radio

    Hello Bill, Radio has been mailed to your address. Should arrive Sat. USPS tracking number is 28777. Thanks, Eric
  9. Please send your address. Send Check to

    Eric walline

    6341 Sauk Trail

    Saline, MI. 48176

    Thank you

  10. for sale Ray 60 Marine Radio

    Hello Hoosier Daddy, PM sent.
  11. New in box. Never used. Bought on internet by mistake and am not able to return. Paid $299.99. Sell for $200. You pay $10 shipping. Thanks for looking. SOLD SOLD / Thank you
  12. Send me your address and I'll put it in the mail today. Send payment to: Eric Walline 6341 Sauk Trail Saline, MI. 48176 Thank you, Eric
  13. I bought this radio thinking it had a Hailer / fog horn function. It is unused, with original box and paperwork. New cost was $249.00. Will sell for $125.00 plus $10 shipping. I can email pictures. SOLD
  14. Charter Captains

    Eric Walline Gold coast Charter Service, Inc. [email protected]
  15. New boat came with outriggers.... Now???

    I took the outriggers off of my boat two years ago. No need if you run boards.